Rükiye and Tylarik – single “Minneapolis Man” – (July 2020, Spider Music)


"Minneapolis Man" is the title of the new single from Rukiye and Tylarik. The single is digitally released worldwide from Spider Music.
Rukiye is a talented singer of Turkish origin, born in Germany and Tylarik is an Afro-American singer and songwriter who lives in the USA.
Spider music chose as the only companion to the single the definition of the word “racism”.  That alone should already be more than enough to give the message of the song.
The lyrics of "Minneapolis Man" were written by George Chondralis. The Greek poet has a strong, crystal clear language and a decent way to stand against racism with his words.
The 3 people involved in the project, all come from different culture and music backgrounds. Their cooperation for "Minneapolis Man" underlines how catastrophic racism can be and pays tribute to the unfair loss of George Floyd just a few weeks ago from racism-motivated police violence.
Let aside the beautiful message, the song itself is a very nice example of Tylarik' songwriting which, based on the blues tradition, neo-soul, r&b, funk and light rock, is colorful and full of meaning.
Tylarik's voice is deep, convincing and truthful. His love for a wide range of artists from Prince to George Michael and from Freddie Mercury to Babyface shows his really wide music view and the way he thinks of music.
On the other hand, Rukiye's voice is warm, with an awesome delicate expression and manages to go under the skin. Rukiye doesn't just sing, she sends the meaning right into your brain and makes you feel
it with all your senses. In addition to that, she is a person who has lived in multicultural environments and has an open mind and welcoming personality.
It is amazing that this song was composed during the pandemic times with video calls and video exchanges between the members of the project. I truly wonder what they would have created, should they were in a proper studio.
"Minneapolis Man" single will probably be in their upcoming full length, so keep an eye out on that because this project is more than promising.
"Minneapolis Man" introduces to the unfamiliar two amazing music talents and voices, a great Greek poet, but above all it keeps the memory of George Floyd alive and sends out during these hard times a strong message to the masses to stand tall and united against racism.