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Band: Pure Tonic
Album: Bliss n’ Bleakness
Genre: Hard Rock, Alternative Rock
Label: Live Talent Records
Release Date: 10. Mai 2019



01. On A Raid

02. Roll The Dice

03. Show Me Your World

04. Caraway World

05. Last Goodbye

06. Rise

07. Dance In Hell

08. Bad Game

09. Old Familiar Fantasy

10. All My Life


Passi – Lead Vocals

Pietschie – Guitar, Backing Vocals

Eike – Guitar
Paddi – Drums, Backing Vocals

Dennis – Bass, Backing Vocals

Hard alternative rock Pure Tonic is back with the album “Bliss n’ Bleakness”, after their debut album, these ten brand new songs shows a quality and mature band evolution.
As if the band doesn't creating  any new chapter in music scene, still a reputable groups and they really trust in what they play, showing their own style.
The opener "On A Raid", in which Passi voice simply suits in the style of this piece that’s  presents such a good drums mixed with the right riffs, catchy chorus. 
“Roll The Dice” is another good track but it’s the following “Show Me Your World” that’s the band suits in its best way, good piece with out frills.
“Caraway World”, as well as " Last Goodbye”and “Rise” manage to capture the attention that in fact this young band deserves, a good compaction and structure of the songs, without forgetting how the guitars are sneakily stunning.
With ”Dance In Hell" Pure Tonic they take us to a heavier sound,showing the realness of influences that inspire the band
More into G’N’R mood is the following  "Bad Game" in itself a piece is catchy and rather winning, while in "All My Life" manage to intertwine melody, good rhythm section
Good tracks also the last two, “Old Familiar Fantasy” and the closer “All My Life” in which the sounds are dynamic
Even the vintage rock is always presents, even if some punk style is in its air, Pure Tonic in these ten tracks has something interesting and the album is reaching the goal to be a good listen nd if someone doesn’t know this band yet, this’s the right occasion to to discover this band that is part of the generational renewal of rock.



Valeria Campagnale