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Genre:Hard Rock
Label:Pure Steel Records
Release Date:16Th August 2019


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1. Line Of Life

2. Wings

3. Little Annie

4. Is It Real

5. Blown Away

6. No Place To Hide

7. Empty Room

8. Never Enough

9. Still Standing

10. Stroke



Ronald van Prooijen - Vocals
Jan Bechtum - Guitars
Rinus Vreugdenhil - Bass
Appie de Gelder - Guitars, Keyboard
Laurens "Bakkie" Bakker - Drums

Here they are, always stainless Pictures, just a few months ago the band celebrated its 40th anniversary with the live album “40 Years Heavy Metal Ears - 1978-2018”.
The positive part in reviewing albums, is to be in front of preview works and moreover of musicians who have always followed, as in this case, the new album of Picture in fact, will be released next August 16 for Pure Steel Records and yes, Picture is one of my favorite band of all time.
When the band was born I was 8 years old and I discovered it when I was 12 years old with the album “Diamond Dreamer”, the chronology of a fan who is about to review an album of the bands he has most admired in the course of musical history, the one made up of legends like this.
After about thirty releases between albums, EPs and singles, the band led by lead vocalist Ronald van Prooijen, returns more aggressive than ever with the brand new album "Wings" with powerful and engaging sounds.
Involving is exactly the opener "Line Of Life" that sees Picture in brilliant form with fierce guitars, an obsessive and robust rhythm and a voice that is not scratched by time, indeed, if possible, is even more aggressive and vigorous. A fantastic start with keyboards intertwining with guitars to create a track that is just a taste of this album.
Let us be carried away, we move on to the next "Wings" that gives the title to this work, and Picture knows exactly how to carry a listener, with musical waves that are less aggressive than the previous track but that wrap in an intense atmosphere with Appie’s keyboards that almost cross that line of epic metal but actually does not cross it, remaining in a sound more rooted in hard rock, thanks to the harmonies embroidered by the guitars and a melodious structure.
The beautiful "Little Annie" is another song that manages to involve for its freshness made of hard'n'heavy that even if it recalls seventies sounds, it manages to imprint its characteristic mark in what is the modern hard rock with references and veins purely metal.
Hats off to the band that with "Is It Real" reaches an apex of pure hard rock essence, always streaked with metal and that with so much energy unleashes a piece like this, incredibly quantifiable with an explosion of absolute vigor and I imagine a scene from a Tarantino movie with a similar song, it would be fine, it's a piece of absolute granitic vehemence, absolutely brilliant!
"Blown Away" is the right continuation, the de Picture guys don't give up a shot, on the contrary, if anything, they sink more the fissures between great solos and loud riffs, between a really rhythmic section, but really loud and a wild sound, nothing, impossible not to love them.
A little more than half of the album and I found no flaw, always unshakable with their mammoth sounds and in "No Place To Hide" there are some beautiful passages, such as in changes of drum time and the same solo with Laurens always immediate and decisive.
"Empty Room" has literally surprised me, if until now all the tracks have been loaded, this is more so, a great metal load with roots well rooted in what was the NOWOBHM movement and a load of Teutonic metal that makes this track one of the best of the album, although finding a particularly great one is very difficult, given the excellent quality of the entire album.
Back to hard rock, the classic one, with evident heavy streaks, with "Never Enough". another proof that Picture know how to dose and dare by exchanging different waves between a piece and the other, after all they can this and more, maintaining an enviable energy charge and again between big riffs and massive rhythmic, they can make us stand even an acapella verse.
 With "Still Standing" we continue on the wave of a heavy hard rock, with choirs and a chorus almost catchy, very similar, while the guitars always resonate in an extraordinary performance that we find in the intro of "Stroke" that closes the album.
A perfect conclusion in style, a classy closing in which an impeccable instrumental harmony is created with a majestic touch between a resonant rhythmic section, among which is evident the bass of Rinus, the virtuosities of Jan that accompanied us throughout the album and the spectacular voice of Ronald.
"Wings" is the album that will be the joy of the fans of this band, me included, that rotates with the style that has always characterized it and with a greater positive energy and for those who have never listened to Picture, is the right opportunity to discover a band that is a piece of our history made of rock and heavy sound. Welcome back guys!


Valeria Campagnale




Picture - Eternal Dark. Live At Metal Assault Viii