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Title: Nightbound

Genre:  Hard n' Heavy
Label:Awakening Records

Release Date:  March 31 2019


1. Nightbound
2. Time Is On Your Side
3. No Mercy
4. The Fighting Never Ends
5. Soldier Of Fortune (Deep Purple cover)


Arianna Cuenca - Vocals
Mike Martinez - Lead Guitars
Katz Leiv - Bass
Miky Doldán - Drums


Formed only in 2018, the young band Nightbound from Paraguay have just released the brand new debut EP for the Chinese Label Awakening Records.
Five pieces of hard sound influenced by a touch of 80's metal that together create a good sound, starting with the titletrack "Nightbound" with a good rhythm and a charge of energy with a great voice of the front woman Arianna Cuenca.
With the following track "Time Is On Your Side", the band continues with the musical charge grafting a gear in more, much more aggressive both the voice and the sound in which the guitars and drums are well robust and dense.
“No Mercy” has a more punk flavor, characterized by the classic garage sound with sparkling guitars and a really extreme rhythm, such a good piece.
Another thrilling piece is the following " The Fighting Never Ends", even here olte to a very heavy rock cross punk influences, not even too many veiled that go to build a solid song, always with the excellent voice of the singer who stands up to frantic rhythms.
A great debut that ending with the wonderful cover of Deep Purple "Soldier Of Fortune", which manages to give that extra emotion, yes, Arianna can give us a personal vocal version of this song.
Nightbound band has made a good debut with four unreleased tracks in which he can express his personality and giving life to a very personal sound.

Valeria Campagnale

Nightbound - “Time Is On Your Side” Audio