Nicumo, review, Inertia  , rockers and other animals,  Melancholic metal

Band: Nicumo 
Title: Inertia
Genre: Melancholic metal
Label: Inverse Records
Release Date: March 27th, 2020



Tapio Anttiroiko, Guitars and backing vocals
Atte Jääskelä, Guitars
Hannu Karppinen, Lead vocals
Sami Kotila,Bass
Aki Pusa, Drums

1. Three Pyres
2. Dark Rivers
3. Same Blood
4. Witch Hunt
5. Tree Of Life
6. Mother And The Snake
7. Who You Are
8. Time Won't Heal
9. Black Wolf

Each period has its soundtrack, this’s the time for a melancholy music, that’s exactly the sound of Nicumo, the Finlandian metal band propose its typical sound. After two EPs; “Close Our Eyes For Good” (2010) and “Scars & Glassy Eyes” (2011), Nicumo released their debut album “The End Of Silence” (2013, Inverse Records), “Storms Arise” (2017, Inverse Records), the band is back with the third album “Inertia”, always with Inverse Records.
Now, who’s follow Nicumo, can image the sound of “Storms Arise” but definitely most accurate and definite, well supported by the multifaceted vocalist Hannu Karppinen, detail generally not always taken for granted in singing.
I start out by saying that there is no better song than another or a particular song that could be the highlight, would be to do a wrong.
“Three Pyres” opens the album with an airy feeling intertwining with darker moments and in these Hannu alternates the clear voice in a semi growl, very short but impressive. Good guitars with heavy and gloomy riffs.
“Dark Rivers” continues the sound of the opening piece, very intense with lines that vary between the almost comforting softness, and the raw sound of metal, really good Aki Pusa's drums, strong and clean.
The sweetness of "Same Blood" accompanies us for a few minutes intense with sax insert to enrich the composition. Excellent bass by Sami Kotila così come le chitarre di Tapio Anttiroikoand and Atte Jääskelä. A beautiful musical interweaving.
Nicumo gets back with more bite on the next track “Witch Hunt” in which a real good bass line accompanies the rhythmic drumming carpet and a beautiful guitar solo.
“Tree Of Life” brings us back to a setting halfway between dreaminess and harshness, another excellent piece in which every single instrument finds its own space.
“Mother And The Snake” is a very emotional, intense and melodic song in which of course there is no lack of the dose of metal needed to add the sound kick.
Beautiful intro for “Who You Are” powerful and energetic for a song that continues with the characteristic mood of the band, now a sign of recognition, between melodies and heavy metal that balance perfectly.
Let's continue with “Time Won't Heal”, almost to the end. Once again the drums are really excellent but like all the musical base that accompanies the melancholy voice, excellent track.
With "Black Wolf" this work ends, Nicumo leaves us with this very emotional track with a markedly dramatic sound.
An album with a deep soul, a very interesting work, Nicumo band has again confirmed its characteristics with a passionate album.

Valeria Campagnale