7 October 2020

Mechanical Field, review, rockers and other animals, Monster Hate Machine

Band: Monster Hate Machine
Title: Mechanical Field

Genre: Southern Rock Metal

Release Date: 3 September 2020



1. Factory Of Consent

2. Great Depression
3. Holy Blackout
4. The Sound Of Unfair Life


Line up:Vocals: Greg T
Guitare: Dude
Basse: Evan
Batterie: Blanchette


Earth and metal, or when the wind rises on the plains of the southern United States to return the cervicals in our latitudes. Formed in 2019, this 4-headed «Joint-Snake» of  Monster Hate Machine sends its riff bursts between Rock and Metal, smelling good the inspiration of the Texas deserts where cowboys make resonate their guitars and coyotes their cry. Composed of Greg T. in the voice, Dude (Velvetfish, ex-Meltdown…) on guitar and cigarbox, Evan (ex-Gaijin) on bass and Blanchette (Keskya) on drums,  Monster Hate Machine (known as “MHM” for intimates) will release a first EP of 4 tracks «Mechanical Field» in the fall of 2020.


Monster Hate Machine, released this debut EP containing 4 tracks. The overall duration is therefore limited but Mechanical Field (this is the title of the EP) is not without calories and powerful riffs. Monster Hate Machine sounds a southern metal band, but the with an alternative metal sound, with the good interludes in Factory Of Consent, in which vocal is growl.


Great Depression is brilliant, as much as powerful is Holy Blackout  while The Sound Of Unfair Life that's closes this EP, is in Sepultura's mood, absolutely interesting and enjoyable.
It's certainly a good debut, with some production imperfections, but who said imperfections are not perfection themselves?

While waiting for a full lenght, I suggest you listen to Mechanical Field, to get to know the band.



Valeria Campagnale