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Band: Mass Murder
Title: Extreme Extinction
Genre: Death Metal

Label: Sliptrick Records
Release date: 2020




  1. No Mercy (Intro)
  2. Extreme Extinction
  3. Refused Fate
  4. The Ancient Blade Of Suffering
  5. Nourished Pain
  6. Fed Up
  7. Ruthless Judgment
  8. Consumed By The Sin
  9. Disembowelment Form Impurity (feat. Luis Maggio)


Francesco Corcio: guitars

Aurora Corcio: bass

Alessandro Sarni: drums

Aldo Gorgoglione: vocals


The Italian Death Metal band Mass Murder return with the second album "Extreme Extinction", a concept based on a hypothetical alien invasion that judges mankind for its sins committed, exactly as if it were God.

If with the first work "Aracnofrenik", the band had shown the right attitude, with "Extreme Extinction" they make a qualitative step forward.

With the violent and very technical brutal death metal, the band gives us a great musical intensity in each piece.

The roots remain old school and therefore brutal with the classic growl voice and on the whole really good as it can give the right intonations for a very gloomy and obsessive atmosphere, the guitars, obviously distorted and the rhythm very fast, create a perfect amalgam for this album.
The best songs of the album are definitely "Extreme Extinction", "The Ancient Blade Of Suffering" and "Disembowelment Form Impurity", tracks where you can capture the essence of the band.

The sound is evil, technical, expressive and impressive,  maybe some guitar solos wouldn't be bad but overall, in its writing and production, the album is really good.

If you love listening to bands like Cannibal Corpse or Napalm Death, "Extreme Extinction" is the album for you.


Valeria Campagnale