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Band: M.I.L.F.
Title: Rolling Thunder
Genre: Hard Rock 
Label: Volcano Records & Promotion
Release: 2020


1) Hottest Dream
2) Sell Your Pills
3) Babe
4) Blame it on the Vodka
5) Last Hand
6) “I Have a Dream”
7) Peace of War
8) Unleash the Beast
9) Crazy for Love
10) Inner Fire
11) Bad Boys
12) Mama Kin (cover)

Line up:
Simone Galli - Lead Vocals
Zip Faster - Lead Guitars
Luca Ferri "Ciccio" - Guitars
Andrea Devoti - Bass
Mirko Bernardi - Drums

After the drastic crew change that took place in 2017, M.I.L.F. decided to improve their sound by giving it a more modern tone, while maintaining the background that has always characterised them. Every song has its own style, every song has its own story, every song can move and keep the true spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll alive. The cover design represents the soul of the album: a wild journey to the most adrenaline-fuelled hard rock inspired by the old school rock of Los Angeles in the 70s and 80s.
M.I.L.F. (Make It Long 'n Fast) release the new album "Rolling Thunder" via Volcano Records, which follows the debut "More Than You", a very instinctive album with the classic dirty and very street rock spirit. A musicality definitely inspired by bands like Motley Crue that allows the group to float between robust sounds, riffs and energetic solos and a good rhythmic section. All with a good dose of irony, as it should be, because we like rock like this, easygoing and funny.
Eleven new tracks plus a cover of Aerosmith's “Mama Kin”.
“Hottest Dream” and “Sell Your Pills” are the openers of the album, both with an explosive power made of rhythmic timbre really above average, a good dose of adrenaline to start but, the band does not stop at these two tracks, continues bursting with the excellent "Babe", followed by "Blame it on the Vodka".
Of course in such a record could not miss excellent choirs, in fact we find them in "Last Hand", while with "I Have a Dream", we find guitars that accompany the words of Martin Luther King in the speech he gave on August 28, 1963.
Would you have imagined this? Neither did I.
From rock to King's speech, we move on to a more metal version of M.I.L.F. with "Peace of War" in a more 'minimal' atmosphere of their music, without frills.
More versatile is the subsequent "Unleash the Beast", while we immerse ourselves in a dark atmosphere with "Crazy for Love" and then return to the 'classic' adrenaline-fuelled style with "Inner Fire" and "Bad Boys" and I think this would be the ideal end to this album.
Aerosmith’s “Mama Kin” it's just one more, without infamy and without praise, I don't like covers of songs already published, in general, surely it's a tribute to one of the most eclectic rock  band.
Rolling Thunder is in itself an interesting, gritty and fun album, definitely to have for all lovers of sleazy street rock.

Valeria Campagnale