24 August 2020



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The Last Convoy
Band: Kat
Genre: Heavy Metal

Label: Pure Steel Records
Release date: 25th September 2020





1. Satan´s Nights

2. Last Convoy

3. Mind Cannibals

4. Highway Star

5. Dark Hole – The Habitat Of Gods

6. Flying Fire 2020

7. Blackout

8. You Shook Me All Night Long

9. Hidden Track

Kat Lineup:
Qbek Weigel – Vocals

Piotr Luczyk – Guitars

Adam „Harris” Jasiński – Bass

Mariusz Prętkiewicz – Drums

Special Guest:
on vocals

Tim RIPPER Owens (song 6)

Henry Beck (song 3)

Maciej Lipina (song 5)
Paweł Steczek (song 5) – piano


It's scheduled for September 25, 2020 the release of "The Last Convoy'" new and eleventh album of the historic Polish band Kat, album that marks the 40° year of activity of the band, distributed on CD through Pure Steel Records.
I don't know the whole Polish metal scene but I know for sure that the birth of KAT is a fixed point for the metal scene in their country.  Piotr Luczyk founded KAT band with Ireneusz Loth and the story evolved to 2020.
"The Last Convoy" is a special album, not only is it a collection of five revised songs of the band, plus three tributes to band as Deep Purple, Scorpions and AC/DC. If you are thinking 'that's all?' I suggest you buy the album and listen to it with attention and you will find the various many facets  that this band is able to show.
The beginning of this time travel is "Satan's Nights" (previously recorded in “666” album in 1986), evil and scratchy, maybe the version of KAT that I love the most, aggressive and powerful. It is with songs like this that the soul of the band literally seems to materialise. Qbek Weigel's voice is excellent as well as the whole band.
“The Last Convoy”, already published as bonus track in “Somewhere In Poland 2003”with the title “Ostatni Tabor” in 2003, is another impetuous track and manages to perfectly convey the idea of the classic heavy style of the band, good line in general and a special mention goes to Piotr Luczyk for his guitar playing, the class feels right away, the virtuosity also.
The first of the three covers is "Highway Star" by Deep Purple, again highlights Mr. Luczyk's guitar with a perfect solo for a song faithful to the original.
“Mind Cannibals” sees the first guest, Henry Beck, original singer that we find on the album "Mind Cannibals A.D. 2016" of 2015. Rough and no-frills, purely heavy metal KAT style to which we are accustomed.Excellent rhythmic line thanks to Adam on bass and Mariusz Prętkiewicz on drums.
It is the time for the beautiful "Dark Hole - The Habitat of Gods" ("Mind Cannibals A.D. 2016”), very intense and which sees guests Maciej Lipina and Paweł Steczek, the latter on the piano. A ballad that shows the sweetest version of the band and that comes very close to a graceful sound.
“Flying Fire 2020” that we find in last year's album "Without Looking Back" as“Flying Fire” here is in a new guise that sees Tim Ripper Owens on vocals.  New verve then for a recent track that even in the original version has its own charm.
The next track is the second cover, this time the tribute is to the Scorpions with “Blackout”, honestly I never particularly liked Scorpions but this version manages to convince me,  sometimes the covers are better than the originals.
Last track, or almost, depending on how you listen to it. KAT close with a lash of hard rock this album and they do it with the third cover, this time by AC/DC with "You Shook Me All Night Long". Qbek's voice, as we've noticed so far, is versatile and well suited to this piece, which to be honest I like very much, faithful to the original. Nice the idea of the stop between the track and the restart of the same, thus becoming the ninth track "Hidden Track".
Summing up, "'The Last Convoy'" is a collection of classics, a look at the past with a new look, I don't think it's a self-celebration for the fortieth anniversary, but rather a demonstration that KAT band can play from thrash, to ballads, from hard rock to pure heavy metal that remains the soul of the band.
KAT still have something to say musically? The answer is yes. Forty years of career demonstrate the activity of a group that still manages to excite itself because the passion is perceived in the air that flows from their music and his album says a lot about the enthusiasm for music. 



Valeria Campagnale