Joviac, Here And Now, review, rockers and other animals

Band.: Joviac 

Title: Here And Now

Genre: Prgressive Metal


1. Intro

2. Straws

3. Black Mirror

4. Here And Now

5. Decay
6. Crossfire

7. Fade Into The Light 

Viljami Wenttola - Vocals, Guitars, Synths
Antti Varjanne - Bass
Rudy Fabritius - Drums

The Finnish progressive metallers Joviac, propose us a good work with Here And Now, released last April 3rd on Inverse Records, a second album for the and that started in a more subdued way than this new release.  
After the short intro, here's the first extracted single that anticipated the album, I'm talking about Straws, incisive rhythms and a pop spore especially in the chorus, let's say that winks at what can be mainstream. 
Black Mirror is more direct, melodically on the same line of the previous track but with a more gritty attitude of good alternative rock.
In Here and Now we find Matias Kupiainen (Stratovarius) on guitar who gives a beautiful solo, a great song that enhances the whole album, the best song with no ifs and buts.
The band's influences make themselves felt, bands like Porcupine Tree, Toto and Dream Theater to name a few, and we can find all these influences in songs like "Decay," "Crossfire" with beautiful close-ups on the keyboards, another great song that I gladly add to "Here and Now".
It closes "Fade Into The Light", the third top piece of this work.  
Six tracks of complex rock, melodic with different contaminations, even atmospheric, good voice very clean.
We don't label the band simply as prog, Joviac with "Here And Now" show a wide musical maturity and thousand and more contaminations.


Valeria Campagnale