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Band: Jacks Full
Title: Whatever
Genre: Hard/Heavy Rock
Release Date: April 24, 2019


1- Head High
2- Freedom Has A Price
3- Bad Karma
4- Blue
5- My Own Kind
6- Shot In The Back
7- Without You
8- Whatever
9- Waiting

Michael Apartoglou: Vocals, Bass
Nick Spathas: Guitar
Vaggelis Kardamitsis: Drums

Formed in 2014 in Athens, Jacks Full is a 3 members band, they have already released the debut album
on April 2015, containing 10 original hard 'n' heavy tunes that will take you back from the '70s rock era to the heavy rock anthems of the 00s, bluesy passages, sing-along choruses, groove-heavy rhythms and darker ambient melodies, this album shouts out that we're here to stay. Sloppy, in-your-face and heavy rock tunes that will make you wanna get up and groove along.
Now the band is back with “Whatever” that signs a good return with 9 pieces full of influences between a hard’n’heavy sound and a  passionate r’n’r in which we can hear influences from  Alice in Chains to Led Zeppelin.
“Head High” is the first piece with which Jacks Full introduce us to their new work, an atmosphere between grunge and alternative rock, in which the guitars resonate very well and the rhythm rather dominant, accompany a voice I would say fascinating that in its way manages to magnetize the listener. Nothing new on the horizon but it's a song that lets itself be heard and drags on its path.
 Already with the following "Freedom Has A Price", you start to change and the band raises the shot with a much more metal sound, alternating quiet moments with more decisive alterations. 
Even with "Bad Karma" the trio offers a more incisive sound, between rock almost in Aerosmith style and a more catchy sound than the two previous tracks. Interesting and captivating with Michael's high notes and Nick's guitars
"Blue" is a classic r'n'r song between bass and guitar rounds and with an excellent drums, the one of the good Vaggelis, that create a lighter and vaguer atmosphere with a sound that reminds me of The Cure in an easy listening version. A catchy and very pleasant, I would say typically summery, track.
The band switches to a more characteristic sound in "My Own Kind" than the soundtrack flavor in his intro, and then explode into a stoner rock track, I must say that this group is amazing in every track.
Hard'n'heavy for "Shot In The Back", very good riffs and concentrated rhythmic for a piece with well marked sounds.
With "Without You" you go back to a lighter and catchy song while maintaining a marked style, while in "Whatever" the structure changes and you go to a more intense sound, deep guitars and a darker environment, maintaining a personal style that characterizes the band, very intense this penultimate track and one of the best tracks.
The album ends with the melancholic "Waiting", a very emphatic ballad with blues tones, excellent choice for a closing.
With a somewhat obvious start, "Whatever" turns out to be a great album, with which the band marks their return and marks a point in their favor.


Valeria Campagnale




Jacks Full - “Head High” Official Audio