14 Sptember 2020

Ice War, review, rockers and other animals, Defender Destroyer, Jo Steel Capitalicide

Band: Ice War 

Title: Defender, Destroyer

Genre: Heavy Metal

Label: Fighter Records

Release Date: 21 July 2020




1. Power From Within
2. Defender Destroyer
3. Soldiers Of Frost
4. Rising From The Tomb
5. Mountains Of Skulls
6. Crucified In Fire
7. Demonoid
8. Skull And Crossbones
9. Running Out Of Time
10. Breakaway


Jo “Steel” Capitalicide

Sixteenth work for Ice War, "Defender, Destroyer" gives us an energetic speed/punk that reigns since the first track infusing all the grit: from riffs to drums and solos. Canadian multi-instrumentalist mastermind Jo "Steel" Capitalicide returns for a minimalist all-instruments album.
A work that's ultra-obtrusive and rough, and wonderfully messy, ten insanely speed tracks, in which glories of bands like Exciter re-emerge, with a more mainstream touch, just to be more attractive.
as can be heard in "Crucified In Fire", or "Power From Within", a piece that he literally assails. "Skull And Crossbones" is another piece that well represents this album.

I mention these three tracks only because in reality the whole "Defender, Destroyer" exudes what is Mr. Capitalicide's creature.

If I were you I would add this release to the list of albums to buy. No compromise and true to style. 

Long live to the Heavy metal old school!



Valeria Campagnale