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Band: Hyperion
Title: Into the Maelstrom
Label: Fighter Records
release date: 21/04/2020
Genre: Heavy Metal


01. Into the Maelstrom

02. Ninja Will Strike

03. Driller Killer

04. The Maze of Polybius

05. From the Abyss
06. Bad Karma

07. Fall After Fall

08. The Ride of Heroes

09. Bridge of Death

Michelangelo Carano - Vocals

Davide Cotti - Guitars

Luke Fortini - Guitars

Antonio Scalia - Bass

Marco “Jason” Beghelli - Drums

Good return, for the Italian band Hyperion, an old school metal sound with ventures ranging from speed to thrash, consistent with the debut album Dangerous days but with a clear mature experience.
Let's start with Into the Maelstrom, the title track and first single, in which you can notice great riffs and solos that together with a powerful rhythmic rhythm create an optimal pathos.
Vaguely melodic in Maiden style and with references to bands like Riot in the guitar lineament is the following Ninja will strike, a more melodic track than the previous one but semipro with a sonorous mix in old school line, catchy and with excellent choruses.
Driller killer, second single chosen, points to Teutonic metal, convincing also this terse track, as well as The maze of Polybius that in its being intertwined between metal and prog, is enriched with a good dose of vintage guitars.
The next instrumental track From the abyss continues the journey on progressive notes that is a prelude to Bad Karma, a beautiful piece that fascinates and creates a further interest for this band.
In Fall after fall, Hyperion with a traditional old school metal weave rock sonority, centre in The ride of heroes, it's again the melody to make its way, enriched by the sound with a strong heavy metal veteran.
More aggressive is the track The Ride of Heroes in perfecto style Judas Priest or even Manowar, just as aggressive is the closing track Bridge of Death.
Into the Maelstrom is a good album with catchy choruses, very solid guitars and good melodies, a very interesting work for Italian band Hyperion

Valeria Campagnale