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Band: Holy Tide
Title: Aquila
Genre: Metal
Label: My Kingdom Music
Release Date: June 28Th, 2019.




01. Creation – The Divine Design
02. Exodus
03. Chains Of Enoch
04. Godincidence
05. Curse And Ecstasy
06. Eagle Eye
07. The Crack Of Dawn
08. Lord Of The Armies
09. Sunk Into The Ground
10. The Age Of Darkness
11. The Shepherd’s Stone
12. Lamentation
13. Return From Babylon
14. The Name Of Blasphemy

Joe Caputo (4 and 8 string bass)
Gustavo Scaranelo (guitar)
Fabio Caldeira (vocals)
Michael Brush (drums)


Tilo Wolff
Don Airey

International supergroup  Holy Tide present us with a rather majestic album, next June 28th the album "Aquila" will be released for My Kingdom Music and it will contains  fourteen tracks in pure metal style that vary between classic, melodic and streaks of prog metal.
The band is formed by bassist Joe Caputo, Maestrick vocalist Fabio Caldeira from Brazil, British drummer Michael Brush (Sirenia, Magic Kingdom) and Brazilian Gustavo Scaranelo on guitars.
We begin to delve into what will be a beautiful journey through the music enclosed in "Aquila", we start with the solemn intro "Creation - The Divine Design", an airy piece that unfolds in rising orchestral notes, almost to impose itself in the listening between choirs and musicality that arouses that respect to which we owe to the music and that sometimes we forget.
"Exodus" continues in great style with a charge that has the incredible, leaning out more with a structure full of energetic positivity, a song in which both voice and instrumentation is brilliant and perfect, exceptional guitars and a clear and harmonious vocals. A piece in which these musicians assemble an excellent proof of their ability both compositional and technical. The rhythm leads the guitar solos and divides the main focus.
"Chains Of Enoch" is another impressive piece, yet the robust rhythm becomes its pivot while the voice leads us through powerful riffs and a musical escalation. Another proof, if necessary, of how much this band can show its ability and validity in imposing itself musically, between high solos.
Great opening for the following "Godincidence", nice play on words, for this track that the taste of granitic metal interwoven with prog and melody that characterizes the entire album. Again remarkable is the presence of guitar solos that succeed in pindaric flights. Piece that in my opinion is one of the most important points of this album, either for the compact robustness, or for the melody, or the voice that perfectly interprets the atmosphere that is created during the course of the track, or all these things together, the fact is that "Godincidence" is one of the best tracks.
The following "Curse And Ecstasy" is very beautiful with a masterly intro, almost solemn, that breaks out in a very heartfelt song, beautiful choirs, the most orchestral part that recalls very much the epic genre.
Third piece of a remarkable intensity that is counted among the highlight of "Aquila".
Followed by "Eagle Eye", another massive and intense song, speed rhythmic, different from the previous ones but similar for its strength and always accompanied by an excellent melody. Screaming and clear voice alternate to give a greater emphasis to the intensity of the piece.
Once again the Holy Tide manage to surprise, change and fascinate, with "The Crack Of Dawn" they show an even more harmonious side, making us go through a dreamlike journey that despite its power, manages to keep a soft line.
If with the previous song the band softens us, with "Lord Of The Armies" it catapults us in a fast, lashing and energetic song in which the guitars are able to resume a greater vitality and the rhythm continues in the energetic compactness.
In some ways more Maiden style the next "Sunk Into The Ground" however with an excellent line more groovy and fresh, again a remarkable track in which the structure is based on a melodic metal tone and as always, the guitars shine with their own light also in this piece.
Enchanting is the intro of “The Age Of Darkness”, rougher and more gloomy song in which the band manages to weave a suggestive harmony between dark and other shiny shades, giving the song a different musicality than the other songs, keeping what becomes the feature of Holy Tide, a very melodic and individual metal.
“The Shepherd’s Stone”continues on the same line as the album, with a very clear singing, with duet, maintaining a very strong rhythm.
"Lamentation" sees Tilo Wolff as a guest and again the darker sounds creep in, the deep and shady resonance in which the atmosphere becomes intrinsic giving more drama to this beautiful piece; another highlight of "Aquila".
To close this wonderful album, we find "The Name Of Blasphemy", a bad and rough track in which the voice reaches the speed rhythm keeping up with it.
An interesting closing track in which the melody is interwoven with harsher and faster sounds, managing to stay tight.
Holy Tide have created a beautiful and very articulate work, managing to compose elaborate weaves, while maintaining a specifically melodic line in a complex of sounds that can reach very high levels of quality. An absolutely stunning album.



Valeria Campagnale



Holy Tide - "Exodus" Official Lyric Video