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Hand of Fate “Messengers of Hope” (2018)

Hand of Fate is a melodic rock/metal band from Greece. They incorporate symphonic metal elements in their sound and make a clever use of their folk music influences.

The “Messengers of Hope” album begins with "No Plaything" a straight hard rock/metal song with nice synth arrangement. The female vocals are nicely used and placed in the song. They have a beautiful symphonic chroma and colour Hand of Fate's music.

"Enchanted" starts with an atmospheric and creepy intro. The female vocals make the song ethereal. There is something of a fairy tale in them narrating/singing the lyrics. The riffs have a strong Mercyful Fate horror atmosphere. The faster part of the song accompanied by nice synth backings has its roots to Therion. The lead guitar's theme and nice wah use could be found in Black Album. Very decent song.

"Messengers of Hope" melodic opening theme sounds like a darker Gary Moore version mixed with Paradise Lost. This may sound weird at first, but it really is very nice to listen to such variety in a band's sound. The song has nice female vocals over piano themes and metronome drumming. At the lead part of the song, the guitar sound is prog/Pink Floyd inspired. The finale of the song is Therion influenced again.

"Temptation" is the lyric video of the album. This is a viking/folk metal song. Some riffs and the lead bear their roots to old heavy metal. The song has a great work on the backing vocals and studio effects (bells).

"Touched By An Angel" is a sensitive heavy metal song with nice groove from the guitar-synth collaboration. Synth actually takes the leading role in the groove of the riff. This benefits the feeling of the song.

The doomy riff of "The Gift" mixed with the synth backing build the song. Alexandra sings a very memorable chorus. The whistles/flute sounds add to the song a soundtrack sense.

"Fading Dreams" has an electronic intro followed by a very rhythmical riff. It sounds close to Paradise Lost (“Believe in Nothing” era). A melancholic song that leaves a ray of light justifying the title of the album.

"A Time I was Free" is the album's final song. The biggest part of the song is played on the piano. It becomes very emotional and gothic when synths are added. The dramatic strings Hand of Fate use lift the song. Alexandra's vocals is amazing and would fit for opera performance. In the last seconds of the song a well-crafted lead guitar takes control ending the song and the album with some classic heavy/hard rock stuff.

Hand of Fate released a great album with dreamy atmosphere. They respect their heavy/doom influences, they use few modern elements and give us an excellent symphonic/melodic album that rock and metal fans will enjoy. Don't miss this one! Hand of Fate are Messengers of Hope indeed.