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Grande Fox – Kulning (April 2018)



Grande Fox is a very interesting psychedelic/space/stoner heavy rock band from Greece. Their "Kulning" EP is consisted of 3 tracks.
The first of them, “Hermitage” is a powerful track with the guitars in leading role. The use of female
vocals gives more power to the song.
The second song, the homonymous "Kulning" begins with a slow tempo which gradually upgrades to something more spacey.
The final song “Sealed Curse” is a more emotional, esoteric and dark song. The additional cello underlines these emotions.
The  "Kulning" EP is draped in a good production. The sound is fine and the passion of the band is present in every moment.
The guitars are well balanced between space rock and heavy rock/metal. The rhythm section is tight and the vocal lines are melodic and memorable.
The “Kulning” EP is not another stoner release. Grande Fox take advantage of the Black Sabbath
school and maybe of the Kyuss school as well, but they create an own more heavy psychedelic than
stoner blend.
I found myself getting back to the EP discovering new things every time I listened to it. If you like heavy rock and the psychedelic/space rock and metal sound like for example Hawkwind or
Black Sabbath's “Planet Caravan”, you will be sure to enjoy it.