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Gentihaa - Reverse Entropy (23 September 2019) - Symmetric Records



Gentihaa is a brand new band from Greece. They were formed in 2015. After 4 years of existence, they released their debut album "Reverse Entropy" in 2019 and made some noise in the global Symphonic Death/Black Metal underground circles.
The fact they successfully opened for the Greek live shows of Dimmu Borgir during their latest European Tour proves the band's increasing dynamic and momentum.

The debut album of Greece's Gentihaa is a really difficult to be categorized record. The band mixes in a bestial way thrash metal riffs with symphonic/epic black metal and modern metal/metalcore to form an own style of extreme metal.
"Reverse Entropy" was recorded at Sound Symmetry Studio by Bob Katsionis (ex-Firewind among dozens of works) who is responsible for both the production and arrangements. Drums & re-amping were recorded at Devasoundz Studios by Fotis Benardo (ex- Septicflesh).
In their songwriting Gentihaa use black metal riffs as well as heavy metal riffs to structure their songs. This basis is enhanced by the great synth work that varies from symphonic to epic and then to space/psychedelic rock and gives the band an own character and style.
Their influences seem to also vary from the black/death of Behemoth and Dimmu Borgir to the heavy metal cosmos of bands like Ghost, Symphony X and Sonata Arctica and then back in time and straight into classic metal works of bands like Mercyful Fate/King Diamond.
Gentihaa keep a basic groove over their thick rhythm section and build up their songs to the riff and the synth work. The vocals often add modern/alternative/metal core touches.
The traction pole in Gentihaa is the contrast of the vocals vs the music. On "Empathy" the vocals appear to be doom metal and then metal core while the music lies somewhere between death and black metal with modern production.

Other songs like "Vision" and "Again" maintain a doom/heavy metal Candlemass oriented style with some VoiVod thrash sickness added in. "Alpha" has a majestic eastern vibe while remaining extreme. "Mastery" is another standout song that crosses the borders of symphonic metal and thrash.

Gentihaa seem to have a great variety in influences like doom metal titans Candlemass, black metal band like Emperor and Dimmu Borgir, post black/experimental bands like Dodheimsgard, classic heavy metal stuff like Mercyful Fate and also modern heavy metal like Ghost and metal core.

"Reverse Entropy" makes an excellent debut for Gentihaa. The band is in professional mode. They have created a certain image which they support very well. They have a beautiful cover artwork for their album. They have great songwriting and great ideas in music. But most of all they have the guts to experiment and the ability to bridge many different styles to one own hybrid metal style.
All in all, "Reverse Entropy" is a masterful modern work in black/death metal with nice riffing and great synth work. It's an album that will satisfy fans of both black metal and heavy metal. The audience into modern metal sound will surely feel closer to the album, but open minded old school blacksters should also try give it a listen.