27 August 2020

Gabriella Metz - “Breaking Infinity” (self-released, 3 May 2019)

Gabriella Metz is a talented young singer and songwriter from Cyprus. To be honest, I didn't know her before, so I had no idea what to expect. But, believe me, her voice is magnificent and stood far beyond my expectations immediately after I put her debut work  Breaking Infinity  in my stereo.
Except from her obvious talent, Gabriella's voice is very well worked. This is absolutely necessary for a singer in order to achieve big things. Talent is always welcome, but it is not enough.

Gabriella has put hard work and effort in what she is doing and it shows in her songs and the way she expresses herself.
Her repertoire includes soft pop and soft rock, soul, opera, blues and jazz to name but a few of the many styles and idioms that her voice unites.
Gabriella seems to be making the right choice of people with whom she works with. The music is celestial and sensitive. The production is clever and clear. Gabriella already has a strong music cv, although she is still very young.
Her debut EP Breaking Infinity is full of emotions, exceptional melodies, memorable music themes and emotionally charged vocal lines. Every song is deep in the waters of inspiration and feelings.
Breaking Infinity EP includes 5 original songs, and each of them is better than the other. In fact, the whole EP is so good that I cannot pick any songs. The bonus material includes acoustic versions wisely added in to offer the listener the chance to check out Gabriella's voice without a full production.
No matter what music you enjoy the most, I am sure you will discover a treasure here. All you need is to make your way to "Breaking Infinity" EP and listen to it with open heart. You will enter Gabriella's magic. Mesmerized you shall be looking forward for a full length like me!