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Band: Fretless
Title: Damnation
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Label: Pure Steel Records
Release: 16Th August 2019



1. Unholy War

2. Burn

3. Let’s Get High

4. Higher Ground

5. Black Widow

6. Black Moon

7. Spread Your Wings

8. Damnation

9. No More

10. Sweet Cherie

11. This Is My Home

12. Spellbound

13. Freedom


Patte Carlsson – vocals, guitars

Linus Andersson – guitars, backing vocals

Lasse Strand – bass, backing vocals

Ludwig Tornemalm – drums, backing vocals

Special guests:

Dennis Forsberg – Let's get High, Spellbound – bass

Mattias Bergstedt – Black Moon, Freedom, This Is My Home, Sweet Cherie – drums

Per-Erik Eliasson – Burn – Hammond Organ

From Sweden, a wave of hard’n’heavy sound contained in the new album "Damnation" by Fretless, to be released on August 16 next, via Pure Steel Records.
The Hard Rock Metal band FRETLESS is back after 8 years since the debut album “Local Heroes”, with a very good album contained 13 pieces, including the intro “Unholy War” that’s more a warning of this we will go to listen to.
Patte Carlsson, founder, vocalist and guitarist is the original member of Fretless, with him excellent musicians go to form the line up of the band and listening to this album, and among the many novelties, of bands that have not necessarily made the history of rock or metal, Fretless are one of those bands that manage to leave a mark.
"Burn" is an incendiary song and not even on purpose, the adjective is appropriate with the title, greatest riffs, pure energy in the whole piece and an amazing rhythm, all with an excellent melody that hovers over the song in its entirety, giving the result of a melodic hard rock metal, gritty but catchy, good Hammond organ by Per-Erik Eliasson.
We remain on the same line with the rough "Let's Get High", in which Patte's voice is scratching and is more than excellent, his guitar meets that of Linus Andersson, managing to create a great work, not to mention the enthralling refrain and the rhythmic section always on the tune.
Some Celtic hints in the intro of "Higher Ground" that reveals a song with Maiden style influences, both for the setting of the voice, which manages to change tone from a clean and melodic singing, to a more aggressive style. Gorgeous Lasse Strand' bass with its lines in this track
Definitely more aggressive and with roots well rooted in a metal that recalls the eighties is the following "Black Widow”, a granitic and well-structured piece that manages to impose itself and make its way through the songs proposed so far, an excellent rhythm for Ludwig Tornemalm, an excellent guitar solo and, overall, an excellent metal piece.
"Black Moon" is a song of absolute harmony between rock and blues and as Patte explained in the interview, he wanted to create a song that had the touch of Glenn Hughes and, he did it very well. A characteristic, intense track, that differs from the metal line of this album, a delicate guitar and a visceral voice and if you are curious to listen to this track, or you have to buy the album and listen to it, because sometimes the words are not enough to describe the emotions that a song can give.
Don't get used to these sounds too much, however, because Fretless with the next "Spread Your Wings" they return to a more aggressive and passionate line oriented towards hard'n'heavy rock with metal divagations, great song really. 
We reach the title track "Damnation", a song with a heavy sound that contains an intense melody, despite the fact that the piece is deeply linked to an eighties metal plate and the voice of Patte Carlsson is very rough and aggressive, another song particularly interesting for this interweaving of sounds.
The next one, "No More", is a more aggressive one, based on a heavy metal that manages to reflect what is the sound of Fretless, that is an overwhelming mixture that leaves sparks behind.
With "Sweet Cherie" I almost feared to be in front of a ballad, well in reality it's not like that, but it's a great gritty piece that manages to give energy and surpass as fresh and powerful as the sound of Fretless.
We get even closer towards the end of this amazing album and we find an explosive "This Is My Home" that contains both a well marked sound and always marked by a heavy sound, both that very particular aura that Patte can create with his own voice.
"Spellbound" already the title speaks for itself because enchantment is just what I can think of to describe this song that alternates melodious moments to more violent ones, balancing the tones in this piece and, with touches of Dennis Forsberg on bass, if you listen carefully you can not help but notice them. At first listening, I didn't immediately notice some details of "Damnation", but being careful, this album contains remarkable nuances.
With "Freedom" we come to the end of this album, a track that also here shows the alternation between hard rock and metal with a good dose of melody. Another really fiery track that manages to ignite the soul, an erect closing with a lot of accelerated chiatarre, a tight rhythm, with the participation of Mattias Bergstedt on drums.
"Damnation" is an absolutely brilliant album, born from the passion and tenacity of Patte Carlsson who managed to find a new balance with a renewed line up, using the ex-members, Dennis Forsberg and Mattias Bergstedt.  An impetuous album, restless and full of sounds that go well beyond a simple hard rock and heavy metal.

Valeria Campagnale



Fretless - "Let's Get High" Official Video