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Band: En-Stigma
Title:“Reforming the Universe” – deluxe remastered edition

Genre: Metal
Date: 16 Μay 2020


1. Ascending to Eternity
2. Chaotic Intensity (
3. En-Stigma
4. The Tanscendal Force of the Universe
5. Aging Star
6. Decision
7. Operation Infinity
8. Dreamless Galaxy
9. Infernal Shadows (Bonus Track)
10. Chaotic Intensity (Instrumental)
11. En-Stigma (Instrumental)
12. The Transcendal Force of the Universe (Instrumental)
13. Aging Star (Instrumental) (
14. Operation Infinity (Instrumental)
15. Dreamless Galaxy (Instrumental)


Line up:
Vonifatios- guitars,bass,bouzouki

En-Stigma is a music project, started by Greek bassist/composer Vonifatios, who describes the project’s debut album as galactic progressive metal. “Reforming the Universe” sounds as the intriguing amalgam of different music elements (not only metal music elements like classic metal, power metal, death metal and black metal, but also elements from other music genres like folk, space rock and psychedelia). So, Vonifatios is right – this is a space/prog metal album! However, what matters is the music itself – is “Reforming the Universe” a good album? Of course it is, since it is the result of great inspiration, the product of an active imagination, a small masterpiece by Vonifatios. The well-crafted compositions are based on fresh, catchy music ideas, every note is performed with deep passion and excellent technique (by a plethora of guest musicians), and the listener will be positively
shocked by the epic, pompous and theatrical tone of the album. Just listen to songs like “Chaotic Intensity”, “The Transcendal Force of the Universe” and “Aging Star”, and let yourself free to enjoy a journey through unknown galaxies! The whole production is crystal clear and boosts the final result – Vonifatios is driven by his otherworldly visions and creates amazing soundscapes. En-Stigma is reforming the heavy metal universe and the listener feels that everything around him is changing … To sum up, “Reforming the Universe” is a thrilling album, which will make you see metal music from a different angle. Your senses and
Vonifatios will guide you! Welcome a new universe.
For fans of Kamelot, Candlemass, Fleshgod Apocalypse.



Valeria Campagnale