Elina Englezou & Βοb Katsionis – album “Goditha – The Rock Opera” 

(September 21st 2020, Symmetric Records)




As he posted on his official Facebook page, Bob Katsionis (solo, Outloud, ex-Firewind, ex- Serious Black etc.) was shocked when Greek musician and composer Elina Englezou met him once and confided in him that she wanted to record a rock opera, where seventeen singers and many other musicians would participate. Well, we officially have now in our hands the lifetime work of Elina Englezou, named “Goditha-The Rock Opera”! This is the collaboration of Elina Englezou and Bob Katsionis, the product of an excellent cooperation, where
rock/metal music meets classical music, where music meets theatre. In “Goditha” a medieval story gets shape, a fairytale is narrated and performed in front of us, and a intriguing journey of love, passion, religion, death and the Afterlife begins.

Come here and experience the magic of “Goditha”, a beautiful musical, written by Englezou, performed, produced by Katsionis and many musicians, who gave all their heart and mind in their warm performances.

It is the magnum opus of Elina Englezou’s ingenious inspiration and imagination, a musical dream, which came true due to Katsionis excellent talent both as a musician and a producer. Of course, this masterpiece owes a lot to the singers’ and the musicians’ perfromances, nevertheless, I would like to mention the amazing vocals of Henning Basse (ex-Metalium, ex-Firewind), Maxi Nil (Jaded Star) and Yiannis Papanikolaou
(Rock n’ Roll Children, Diviner). I am so thrilled with the whole album, however, I can’t help but refer to the songs “There He Is”, “In Hell”, “Secrets”, “Light and Darkness” and “Forgive Me”, which are awesome pieces of art. In a nutshell, “Goditha” comes unexpectedly and becomes one of our favourite rock/metal operas of all time.



Valeria Campgnale