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Artist: Eli Dykstra Rocks!
Title: Time
Genre: Metal Rock
Release Date: 12th April 2019


The Beginning Of Time
The Leader
That Lady
The End Of Time

Every now and then there are also fully instrumental albums, especially of guitarists, as in this case with a very young and talented guy from Iowa who, not only in this album plays the guitar but also bass and drums, in short talented is just the right adjective for Eli Dykstra.
Starts with "The Beginning of Time" this album, a short piece, almost an intro that makes us taste the first hints of a record that is interesting in itself.
Followed by "Invincible", where Eli Dykstra shows a different side, if with the opener we can listen to a hint of easy listening, with rock sounds, with this song instead, the orientation is more metal, with different nuances.
“Revolution” uses an interweaving of metal, prog and hard rock hints, all in a vaguely dark atmosphere, one of the most interesting tracks of this album.
More delicate and atmospheric is the following "The Leader", in which soft moments alternate with more intense and gritty ones.
Intense moments in "Time", a deepeest song than the previous songs, beautiful song by the way, with a very compact structure, a more emotional track.
Almost ambient with extreme metal references is "Dissed", also in this piece the alternations between calm and aggressive sounds follow one another and, I repeat, Eli Dykstra has talent, a lot.
With "Nameless", the guitarist takes us on another journey made of melodic intensity and a typically metal mood.
“Flashback”, has a prog metal touch, also in this track the structure is very solid and shows an evident personal style.
Amazing the gentle “That Lady”, simply great, a really intense and interesting piece in which you can understand the true natural artistic entity of this young musician, it is really fascinating to have the opportunity to discover talents from all over the world and I assure you that this album is worth to taste it several times, just to collect all the shades.
“The End Of Time” closes the album, a piece that contains a sound that starts from an epic sound, crossing several styles but remaining solid to a metal purely solid, almost old school but with variations on the theme.
What can I say, Eli Dykstra is up to the level of great musicians and deserves a long career.

Valeria Campagnale