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Band: Dirty Rats
Title: End in Tears

Genre: Hard Rock
Self Release
Release date: 13th December 2019

1. The Juice
2. Axis of Love
3. Love from a Distance
4. End in Tears
5. Jaded
6. The Ballad of Hobbit Foot
7. Hurts like a Mother
8. Boss of Me
9. My Life is a Clinche
10. Fantasy
11. Bad News Woman
12. Rat Rock
13. Rock Star

Line up:
 Wayne (Richie Rat) Rich – Vocals
 Jamie Beovich – Bass
 Anthony (Chooka) Chapple – Guitar
 Andy Thomson – Drums



‘After numerous line up changes which saw some excellent players and some complete nut jobs pass through the bands ranks, Dirty Rats are now a lean, mean and explosive 4 piece band pumping out some of the best new guitar driven rock, with a uniquely 80’s flavor, that you will hear today’.

This’s a  part of  Dirty Rats presentation, totally agree with it as  Dirty Rats,  after  their good first album “Rock N Roll”, shows more powerful sounds in the brand new album “End in Tears” with thirteen brilliant tracks.
The album will be released on 13th December and it’s a pleasure to listen it in preview as I liked so much the first album.
Dirty Rats really shows that rough soul, typically rock, that distinguishes the style and can be heard in every single piece, starting from the opener “The Juice”. No frills, no fringe, just a 'dirty' sound that has characterized the band already in the first album and, that in this new record give the confirmation of a solid hard rock combo.
The Dirty Rats are ready to release their second full length album End in Tears on Friday, the 13th, December this year. End in Tears features 13 new hard driving original rock compositions from the songwriting team of Beovich/Rich, ranging from rock anthems to drinking songs and even some old school blues, just to shake things up a little. So, don't fear Freddy but celebrate 13 Australian hard rock songs in the veins of AC/DC, Rose Tattoo but also influenced by Motörhead and even some punk rock.
Absolutely brilliant is  “Not Alone” in which the punk rock vein is intertwined with such catchy mood, good guitars and  choirs very well chosen.
“Hurts like a Mother” is such another excellent piece in which the voice is very strong and the hard rock is so solid and good.
“Bad Man” presents a rhythm created perfectly between Andy Thomson’ drums and  Jamie Beovich’ bass and, again Wayne can shows his voice that adapts perfectly to the style proposed, manages to show its rough side and always captivating.
Melodic is the nice “Suicide”, same as “When the Money Runs Out”.
A blues sound in the other catchy song “Everybody Bleeds”, a very brilliant piece, same endearing with a pure hard rock sound for “Rat Rock” but it’s with “Everybody Bleeds” and the closing “Rock Star” that this album will capture your interest with the brilliant Anthony Chapple on guitar, as it is in the entire album..
After their album “Rock N Roll”, I was really waiting for this new one and as I liked their first work, I was pretty sure the second work would not have disappointed me, remaining with my more than justified expectations.
Good band, good album, good rock, what else?
Welcome back Dirty Rats!

Valeria Campagnale

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Band: Dirty Rats
Title: Rock’n’Roll
Genre: Hard Rock


1. Not Alone
2. Suicide
3. Lowlife
4.When the Money Runs Out
5. Notch in Your Belt
6. Everybody Bleeds
7. Bad Man
8. Yesterdays Hero
9. Rat Town

Wayne - Vocals
Chooka - Guitars
Jamie - Bass
Andy - Drums

There are albums and albums waiting to be reviewed, as there are good ones, discreet ones and those that just can't be heard, well, "Rock'n'Roll" by Dirty Rats is part of the first category. This album by the Melbourne band, born the mid to late 1980's, embodies the essence of rock. It won't be an original album, it won't be innovative but its spirit is wild and it has the taste of pure hard rock.
Punk attitude with a lot of rock is the first track “Not Alone” a start full of energy between guitars, vocals and choirs so catchy that you hardly have no way of inviting you to this piece, if this is the first step...
“Suicide” is another good track, rough and shaggy, thanks both to Wayne's voice and to the musicality in itself and, if it's not yet enough, I'm sure that with "Low Life" Dirty Rats will be able to involve you, a really exceptional and involving piece, in which the spirit of the band can be heard, in a harsh style with excellent guitars and all the soul of a hard rock with punk veins.
Even with "When the Money Runs Out", the sound of the band is able to fully convince, between laps of bass and drums that mark the cadence of this track, more catchy than the following "Notch in Your Belt", here is just rock'n'roll a go-go and I challenge anyone to stand still on this track, which played live must be a potential hit of the album. Same for “Everybody Bleeds”, too catchy not to please those who mean rock as pure fun and free expression, great guitars and good rhythm section once again.
Another amazing track is 2<bad man" with an attitude and a punk sound that is well intertwined with the guitars purely hard rock, one of my favorite tracks in this album.
"Yesterdays Hero", another noteworthy track, continues more or less like the previous one, in which Jamie's bass is heard, well shaping the sound of the track, a brilliant piece.
Last track “Rat Town” it’s just another nasty and brilliant hard rock piece, absolutely good the rhythm section with Andy on drums and stunning as usual Chooka on guitar.
To sum up,  Dirty Rats with "Rock’n’Roll" made a good album in which their roots remain firmly in raw rock and let's say, even old-fashioned, because rock in the end must be exactly like that, without contaminations that alter the sound of the background but that stabilizes its origins, Dirty Ratz have managed 100%.


Valeria Campagnale