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Band: Deep Valley Blues
Title: Demonic Sunset
Genre: Stoner
Label: Volcano Records
Release date: 18 October 2019


1. Demonic Sunset
2. Black Out
3. Dana Skully
4. Lust Vegas
5. Orange Yeah!
6. Follow the Buzzards
7. Tired to beg for
8. Empire

Line up:
Umberto Arena (Guitars and Backing Vocals)
Alessandro Morrone (Guitars)
Giando Sestito (Bass and Vocals)
Giorgio Faini (Drums)

"Demonic Sunset" describes a descent into the abyss of the human psyche. Eight pieces are articulated through the description of difficult themes such as post-traumatic stress disorder and the manipulation of the individual by religious sects. Everything is muffled by a dose of hilarity that leads to the overcoming of problems, leaving only a bitter memory.
A powerful rock stoner full of blues contaminations, for this Italian band.
The good opening title track, first single extracted, is an energetic and aggressive track. The riffing is pressing, the sound raw and sincere, like the rock that pleases the nostalgic but with a strong current vein.
The "Dana Skully" rock blues reach us with a good mood, the sound of the band has its roots in sounds that oscillate between heavy Sludge/Stoner veins and Blues/Southern rhythms, without, however, setting limits to the desire to experiment. In fact, with the brilliant instrumental "Lust Vegas" they can surprise us and with the first track, the band shows its music direction.
"Orange Yeah" is also a good examples of their musical proposal, just like the brilliant “Follow the Buzzards” and "Tired To Beg For”.
A particular note goes to the closing "Empire", blues acoustic piece with folk and southern roots, such a good end for this stylish album.

Valeria Campagnale