Crashdïet, Rust, review, rockers and other animals

Band: Crashdïet
Title: Rust
Genre: Sleaze Metal
Label: Dïet Records / Frontiers Music
Date: September 13, 2019



2. Into the Wild

3. Idiots

4. In the Maze

5. We Are the Legion

6. Crazy

7. Parasite

8. Waiting for Your Love

9. Reptile

10. Stop Weirding Me Out

11. Filth & Flowers

Line up:
Gabriel Keys - Lead Vocals
Martin Sweet - Guitar
Peter London - Bass
Eric Young - Drums

Stockholm's most chaotic sleaze band is back, I get a bit of nostalgia in seeing and unplugging them, inevitably the moments go back to the golden years of glam and sleaze, the one of the 80's, even if the band has a more aggressive determination.
Crashdïet are back, after six years when the band released “The Savage Playground”, with this brand new album “Rust”, an album full of energy and desire to have fun and have fun, in all with sleaze punk all around the 11 tracks.
Sunset Strip moved to north Europe, the American genres as sleaze, glam and street and in this album we can find all the dynamism and powerful enthusiasm of all time, with good riffs and brilliant Gabriel Keys’ voice.
Title track, “Rust” is a super-catchy piece,  brilliant Peter London ‘ bass with Crue “Dr. Feelgood” mood and such a loud hard rock, such a good starts with its high shades of eighties sounds, Martin Sweet’ good guitar drag in a beautiful mood made of fun and pure rock.
Good choirs open “Into The Wild” in which Eric Young exalts his qualities in the drumming embrace a good and raw guitar work, simply amazing piece.
The thirty song and, second single, “Idiots” that we now know by heart, is another piece absolutely alluring with clear references to the eighties but we piece so much just for its nostalgic presence and the power that flows.
An arpeggio starts the following beautiful ballad “In The Maze”, while “ We Are The legion”, first single released, has a punk tone stained with good hard rock, a song that reflects the band's musical aggression.
“Crazy” is just another good party time piece and, with “Parasite”, Crashdïet re-proposes a vintage hard rock with a flash of modernity in the sounds and mood itself. Melancholy is the feeling we can feel with “Waiting For Your Love” while, in “Reptile” the band back to being aggressive between riff and a very strong bass.
The tenth track, “Stop Weirding Me Out”, it’s a memorable end of a liaison; to close this album there’s “Filth & Flowers” which in addition to recalling the eighties metal style, is clearly a more graceful piece.
Crashdïet are back, more mature, but if always vivid in the sounds, always aggressive and "Rust" is the demonstration that this musical genre is not finished but has simply moved from America to Europe and demonstrating an implicit liveliness of the slaze glam.

Valeria Campagnale