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Chasing Embers "Beckoning Call"  (2019)




Line up:

Vladyslav Pospolitak - Drums
July Tallina - Vocals
Alexey Hrankyn - Guitars
Olekandr Zohorulia - Guitars
Vladyslav Kachanovskyi - Bass guitar



1. Beckoning Call
2. Desires and Fears
3. Spiritual
4. High Stakes
5. Carnage
6. Silent House
7. Drown With Me
8. Last Night Tonight
9. The Moonman


Chasing Embers is a Ukrainian group founded in 2016 by Vladyslav Pospolitak. The drummer has abandoned all current projects to focus on his new baby. Once the group was formed, all that was missing was the singer to tie it all up and it was finally a singer who came along. The band being full, he is constantly touring in Ukraine before releasing in this year the first album of their young career. Ukrainians are influenced by old-fashioned heavy-metal but also by the nu-metal of the 2000s. Unlike many bands, Chasing Embers doesn't just copy and paste Linkin Park or other Korn and I'm not going to complain about it. The nine tracks that make up this opus are a perfect mix between heavy-metal and nu-metal, the rather neat melodies go well with the aggressive guitars and a destructive rhythmic.

Influenced by old school heavy metal, Chasing Embers band offers nine tracks with powerful guitars and a great rhythmic and the beautiful July Tallina' voice. Songs like the title track "Beckoning Call", "High Stakes" or, "The Moonman" are the highlights of this album. A marked imprint of nu-metal gives to the whole album a good start for this band.

So good also "Spiritual", "Drown With Me" with their mid-tempo and good melodies and with "Carnage", the band shows a delicate side of this band with a brilliant ballad.

A very good first album for Chasing Embers for classic and nu metal fans.



Valeria Campagnale