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Review by Shayne McGowan


Chaos Over Cosmos

Only a few weeks ago, we featured a review of Chaos Over Cosmos’ full length album “The Inknown Voyage” which featured Javier Calderon on vocals.  Obviously we were a little behind on that one, because the group, led by Rafal Bowman has just dropped its new self titled EP, this time featuring Australia’s own Josh Ratcliff on vocals. 

Opening with Cascading Darkness, the two-piece group deliver guitar intricacies that offer up hints of colour and light, while also pummelling our ears with heavy riffs, and the uncompromising vocal roughness from Ratcliff.   There is stark contrast between the styles utilized here, but it comes together brilliantly - Chaos Over Cosmos is progressive and technical, but blends the brutality to great effect.  It’s Dream Theatre meets Lamb of God.

Rafal Bowman is a very talented guitarist and composer.  The way he plays with timing and structure throughout these pieces is key to Chaos Over Cosmos’ overall appeal.  It’s interesting and enjoyable music, further demonstrated on Consumed - which sees Ratcliff drop the rougher vocals in favour of a cleaner style for the majority of this piece - proving that he’s an incredibly well rounded metal singer.  This is the stand-out track off a pretty strong EP.

Closing out the EP is Asimov, an instrumental piece inspired by science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov.  It’s an atmospheric and cinematic number that does conjure sci-fi imagery in my mind.  It’s well put together musically - and ultimately serves as a vehicle to show off Bowman’s guitar prowess, as he shreds for nearly the entire duration. 

Lastly, I have to touch on how good the EP artwork is.  I’m not sure of who the artist is, but it’s an incredible piece, and perfectly suited to the musical accompaniment.

Running just short of nineteen minutes, this has been Time well spent.  It’s an extremely easy listen that will hold your attention from the opening notes.  Let Chaos Over Cosmos take you on a journey.



Rating: 9/10

Chaos Over Cosmos, review, The Unknown Voyage ,Power prog, Rockers And Other Animals, Rock News, NWOBHM, Rock Magazine, Rock Webzine, rock news, sleaze rock, glam rock, hair metal

Band: Chaos Over Cosmos
Title: The Unknown Voyage
Genre: Power prog
Release Date: April 20, 2019 (first version 07.09.2018)


1. Armour of the Stars
2. Dance of the Silver Blade
3. The Compass
4. Neon Nights
5. Sky

Javier Calderon - voce
Rafał Bowman - chitarra, synth, programming

Debut album for this duo Power Prog Chaos Over Cosmos, starring Rafal Bowman (guitar, synth and programming) and Javier Calderon (vocals).
An album released last year, exactly in September, I admit I've never heard of it but fortunately the same Chaos Over Cosmos, have sent me their own promo. in its reissued version.
Divided in five tracks which ranges from the epic cosmic metal of "Armour of the Stars (Xenogears)", a song inspired by the cult-classic Playstation RPG Xenogears, "Dance of the Silver Blade" inspired by Andrzej Sapkowski books, the ambient and melodic personal journey of "The Compass", futuristic, Blade Runner-esque "Neon Nights" and the nature-inspired instrumental song "Sky"".
"The Unknown Voyage", is a really remarkable work, in five pieces are enclosed more genres of metal, from progressive to power, through death, in short, an interesting plot that unfolds in these five tracks.
It would be difficult to describe piece by piece, "The Unknown Voyage" is a journey through these genres and you have to savor it in every single shading.
The opener "A Hidden Path" is a melodic power metal track with a dreamy prelude, with Nietzschie's citation, great rhythm and guitar phrasing leading to as many brilliant solos.
"Dance of the Silver Blade" continues in its cross between metal and prog, maintaining a good level of both sounds and style, enclosing a musicality that ranges from Iron Maiden to power metal, crossing
ambient passages; the engaging voice and riffs are fast alternating with melodic moments, making it an interesting track.
Beautiful is the following "The Compass", another song that manages to involve, in a quieter way, suspended between ambient, prog and deliciously melodic.
Atmospheric in the intro is the following "Neon Nights" that gradually becomes a very loaded piece, alternating power moments with other melodic, playing a lot with synths.
The closing of this record is entrusted to "Sky", a piece that manages to create a good atmosphere, even here crossing different styles on which Chaos Over Cosmos is based with its own sound. A totally musical piece.
As I said, "The Unknown Voyage" contains songs not easily explained in words, a work of this kind should only be heard to be taken by the hand of this duo and be carried away to fully enjoy every singularity.
Beautiful, really a debut that gives hope for an equally interesting continuation.


Valeria Campagnale