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Band: Chains
Album Title: Sonic Sabbath
Label: On Parole Productions
Release Date: Jan 24 2020
Genre: Doom Metal


1. Devil

2. Black Wind

3. Fireborn

4. Stardust Pentagram

5. Sonic Sabbath

6. Necromantic Force
Band Line-Up:
Etienne Von Chelleri aka Hellscream – guitars and vocals
Matz Sick - drums

Chains was born in 2010 as a Hypnotic Drone Doom one man project of Slovenian multi-instrumentalist and singer Etienne Von Chelleri (aka Hellscream), five years ago Chains released their previous EP “Balkanik Hypnotic Ritual”, now it’s time for the new work  “Sonic Sabbath”.  E. Chains is only original and founder member behind guitar and vocal parts, with hins there's Matz Sick  on the drums.
Six tracks for a very  hypnotic  doom, horror atmospheres and  with a crude sound.  Some moments some moments take up the atmosphere and the music of Black Sabbath in a rough version.

Darkest  singing vocal melody with the clean music mood for a existentialist journey.

First of this atmosphere is just the opener "Devil" but it's with "Black Wind" Chains show a most deeper soul, mpre gloomy and essentialist.

Cryptic and intense are the following "Fireborn
" and "Stardust Pentagram
", with a distorted vision, both with a classic doom style, good goth melodies and pretty mazy.

The title track "Sonic Sabbath
" is a brilliant piece with interesting insights, while the last track "Necromantic Force" is contagious track with a deeply dark soul.

I admit I've never listened to anything by Chains, so I did some research and I find that this EP is much more mature and while maintaining that gloomy air that Mr. E. Chains manages to translate has remained unchanged, thanks to his vocals and the ideas he turns into music.

Fans of doom metal, occultism and spiritualism, "Sonic Sabbath" is an EP you must absolutely listen to.



Valeria Campagnale