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Band:BlackSun Trine

Title: BlackSun Trine

Genre: Hard Rock 

Release Date: April 2, 2018



1. Black Witch
2. Imminent Destruction
3. We Are One
4. Reach out
5. Am I Alone
6. Nuclear War
7. Only The Strong Survive
8. Earth
9. Pale Horse (phuc u)
10. Black Witch  



John Halfmann lead vocals and guitar
John Avila vocals and bass
Brandon Whynaucht vocals and drums

BlackSun Trine self titled debut album released in 2018, has a stunning hard heavy sound in 70’s mood,
with gloomy deep roots in a style like Balck Sabbath, just to give you an idea, because in fact this beautiful trio does not copy anyone and the influences are varied. This clarification was a must, so let's go further and talk about the band and the record.
John Halfmann, Brandon Whynaucht and John Avila (Oingo Boingo,  Neil Young ), experienced and experienced musicians, have a particularly energy and they prove it to us with this work that manages to fully identify the artistic nature of the band.
Nine the tracks, plus the radio edition of Black Witch, that make up the homonymous album, nine very richly sounding tracks ranging from hard rock tending to metal and its much more pronounced shading.
Starting with “Black Witch”, we can hear the solid work BlackSun Trine proposes, powerful and deep sound with strongest guitar and such a good deep rhythm, the voice is brilliant in its various tones which change according to the movement of the musical structure. In all this, the battery shines, strong and solid for an absolutely gritty piece.
"Imminent Destruction" manages to sustain the rhythm of the previous track giving life to a hard and heavy track characterized by a wide scale of bass lines alternating with powerful guitar riffs.
The following track "We Are One" is a powerful blood song in which the voice can reach high tones without straining the natural harmony that is created in the song. Another interesting piece in which the guitars stand out and form a good melodic interweaving.
Even with "Reach out" the sound is oriented towards a classic heavy metal with stunning guitars and a Sabbath Sound that turns out to be a fresh and modern sound.
Very beautiful is the following "Am I Alone", powerful and energetic that with its impetuous sound manages to creep so well that it is impossible not to be enveloped by this piece.
"Nuclear War" breaks in the same way but in a more particular way, alternating changes of rhythm from violent to soft and it is in the latter that we can appreciate the guitar John Halfmann who manages to weave an excellent velvety musical atmosphere .
While with "Only The Strong Survive" the band gives us an almost 'historical' piece, an old school classic that with its own sounds reaches a high level of quality, Brandon Whynaucht's make a beautiful work.
After all, also the following "Earth", present in the most intense moments, in this work there is not really a better song than another, but rather, they are all pieces that coexist to form an excellent album, giving life to great sounds and show, as in this piece, the musical skills of all three members.
We continue to the rhythm of riffs with "Pale Horse" and we are almost in the final straight, with an exceptional piece that shows both the virtuosity of the guitar and the excellent bass lines, those of John Avila, which I had not yet mentioned but actually his work is fundamental to the success of this good record.
Last track is the radio edition of "Black Witch" which is less heavy but still with a good hold.
 BlackSun Trine have created a high quality musical jewel, really a breathtaking debut album and for discovering them, I have to thank the good John Halfmann who contacted me. when you say that distances in music don't matter it's really true. If you like 70's sounds then this album is for you, waiting for the new work of the band entitled "Ascension" that will have a guest of exceptional as Vinny Appice

Valeria Campagnale



BlackSun Trine - "Black Witch" Audio