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The BitterSweet - “The Age of New Delirium”

The Bittersweet were formed in 2007 in Athens, Greece. They released their first album in 2012 entitled «Dancing In The Zoo». MTV Greece aired their songs and the reviews the album received were rather complimentary.

I was totally unfamiliar with the band when I pushed play and "The Age of New Delirium" hit me like the sea waves of the album's cover hit the solid rocks near the sea.
"The Age of New Delirium" is not a rock album. On the contrary, it uses rock to shape a pop rock hybrid with brit pop, indie, alternative and psychedelic music in. The band is consisted of very good players. They have well crafted vocals for their style. Their songwriting is at a good level and the production flatters their songs.

The Bittersweet draw influence from the 60's pop-rock music, the 70's prog/psych and the 90's indie/alternative. Everything is filtered through their own personal style and their rock'n'roll/pop aesthetics. The band has excellent musicians and they gave out a great album.

In "The Age of New Delirium" you will find straight Beatles pop influenced songs like "Soldier On", Radiohead influenced tunes like "Trapped Inside a basement" with its haunting atmosphere that leaves you asking for more, and you will also find songs like "Shit" which appears to be one of my favourites out of the album. The Beatle poppy "Soldier On" is a colourful track far from the mainstream poppy tunes.

What I'm trying to say is that "The Age Of New Delirium" is very rich in sounds. The songs are groovy, pop and catchy in the brightest sense. The cool hoping bass lines seem to be an essential ingredient for the grooves. The vocals travel from pop to psychedelic and then to new wave paths. I enjoyed a lot the way they use the guitars. Instead of a dry riffing, they use pulsating chords and nice guitar phrases which advance their songwriting. The orchestration is very nice and they even use the piano in parts (for instance on “I Like Walking”).

The production is right for their sound. It remains somewhere between pop and rock avoiding to become hard or metal. It keeps the soul of every instrument (the voice included) and gives out a very nice and warm listening experience to the listener.

Well, what we have here is apparently a little indie/psych/pop/rock gem from Greece. "The Age of New Delirium" will be a nice vinyl addition in your collection.