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Bend For Eleven - “Rebel day”  (16 March 2020, self-released)

Bend For Eleven come from Greece. When I pressed "play" to listen their album, a fresh alternative rock sound with a bit of heavy rock stuff mixed in came out of my speakers. I immediately like the guitar phrasings and the warm vocals.

As I was searching more info about the band, I learned "Rebel Day" is their second album and since they are doing so well, I really wonder what their debut sounds like. I will get to it later. For the moment being, I will stick to check out the whole "Rebel Day" album.

Bend for Eleven music lies in the 90's and 00's alternative rock and heavy rock fields. They seem to be influenced by what bands like Queens of the Stone Age did; a radio friendly approach in rock'n'roll. Their songs are always rocking out, but without being too hard. Instead they persist in the nice melodic guitars.

The production of the album is fresh and nice. The band's songwriting is rock pub/club friendly and generally memorable. The vocals are warm and familiar with a nice accent.

Songs I enjoyed the most were the hit "YeahYeahYeah" which is an up-tempo and groovy enough song to shake your body to it. Then "Rebel Day" with its more ugly attitude lying in garage rock and early Monster Magnet and Soundgarden material. "Inner Sight" is another example of the band's nice heavy rock songwriting mixed with alternative and psychedelic rock. "Evelyn" is a sweet radio friendly pop/rock song.

Conclusively, "Rebel Day" is a very nice album. It has a good flow and it shows the band can write good songs. I'd dare say that some of their melodies brought to mind american bands like R.E.M. of the first albums, grunge titans like Pearl Jam of the mid period and Soundgarden of the first years and why not Neil Young himself especially in his Crazy Horse period.

Valeria Campagnale