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Band: Answer With Metal
Title: Centralia
Genre:  Heavy Metal
Release Date: May 24th 2019


1. No One’s to Own
2. Wild Hunt
3. Stand and Fight
4. Jenova
5. Centralia
6. Don’t Know Why
7. Cry Wolf
8. No Heights a Home
9. Last of You

Dan Nielsen – vocals
Andrew Jarvis – guitars
Jon Stallan – bass
Alejandro Gonzalez – drums


Can I say I love these guys?
Fourth album for Canadian band Answer With Metal, after “Answer With Metal” released in 2011, “Handling the Blade” in 2015 and “Return to the Gates” in 2016, now it’s time for the brand new album “Centralia”.
Answer With Metal have always had that extra something that has always impressed me, a sound even if typically 80's with references to the new wave of British heavy metal and we can already listen to it in the first track "No One's to Own", with the classic 'rides' in Iron Maiden’s style with guitar influences in Adrian Smith's playing in both riffs and solos, and this is for me one of the best compliments I can give, as Adrian  is one of my heroes.
Apart from this small but rightful postille, Answer With Metal have a very personal style that weaves the most classic metal to thrash hints.
Just with the next "Wild Hunt" we find massive influences of thrash metal and classic metal making this piece lively with powerful riffs and excellent voice, with a very strong rhythm, a good pounding track that manages to get noticed after the opening one.
While in "Stand and Fight" we see the band played in a very classic, old school track, which has a characteristic melodious voice that contrasts with the musical structure, making the piece very bright. The high notes that the voice can reach without any effort and the guitar solo are excellent elements to consider in this piece.
The beautiful "Jenova" makes us continue in total classical heavy metal, in this album that gives good musical vibrations. An intense song, powerful and with a wonderful voice that can keep up with the guitar riffs and the guitar solos waves, a piece that I absolutely prefer on this record.
The title track “Centralia” is another good piece of NWOBM echoes in which drums and guitars excel, while "Don't Know Why" reaches speed metal peaks passing through thrash sounds and a good dose of powerful vocals that holds up throughout the duration of the song.
“Cry Wolf" is another fantastic song in which you meet again speed and thrash, always great guitars and the rhythm section that becomes the pivot at which the song rotates, absolutely another good quality piece.
Pure thrash metal for “No Heights a Home” with such a good bass line and a powerful drums, while guitars still stunning as in the whole album.
We are already at the end of "Centralia" the band leaves us with a song that tastes like a ballad but obviously in metal way and dark oriented style.



Valeria Campagnale



Answer With Metal - "Wild Hunt" Official Lyric Video