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Andy Rocks is a German band which definitely Rocks! Their brand new "Porcelain Heart" EP starts off with the
rocking riff of the same titled song. The riff structure and the way it is played reveal the band's love for both the classic AC/DC blues/rock and the alternative/modern rock aspect of bands like the Foo Fighters. This songwriting view pretty much continues throughout the whole EP.
The female vocals are often sensitive and sometimes sharp-edged while they continuously keep on rocking in
different song parts. At their most melodic, they bring to mind artists like Allanah Myles or Cheryl Crow, while
on their heavier and more aggressive moments, they reach the bleakness of Hole.
The EP's production is pretty much lo-fi, which is something I really miss those days and it kinda makes me go
back to the 90's alternative/grunge rock productions just for a reminder, so to hear this type of production today is more than welcome for me and I truly believe it has an own interest.
"Drag You Down" continues the alternative rock mood of the EP with a nice cymbal count and a rocking out riff.
The whole EP is interesting,  the vocals are memorable an make you wanna sing along,
The dirtiest vocals of the band singer over some hard rocking riffs bring back memories of Skunk Anansie, a greatly underrated band with a soulful singer.
The last song of the EP is "Long Lost Love". From the opening chords of the song with the clean guitar sound we can understand that this is a ballad-ish, slower song. Beautiful vocals come in and even though the clean guitar soon turns to a heavy riff, it still keeps the sensitivity reminding of the way the Stone Temple Pilots created their harmonies in the 9's. The lead guitar is very melodic and I just loved the plucking bass behind it with its well served percussive role.
“Porcelain Heart” is a very interesting EP that shows a band which can make it really well in their next release
which hopefully will be a full length album. Take a listen!