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Altribe - “The promised land” – (July 2020, self-release)


Altribe is a Greek-based four-member band. Their music has a lot of influences from pop and rock to blues and jazz and cannot be easily categorized. The band's lyrics circle around the loneliness of the man living in big cities. They have released "Το Θαύμα" (The Miracle) in 2012, "Aphrodisiac" in 2014 and "Spooky Train" in 2016. "The Promised Land" is their new album.
The female singer Fiona has a warm and deep blues/soul black voice. The guitar sound is mostly psychedelic/rock, sometimes blues, but definitely remains personal. The bass stays groovy all along with nice melodies and themes. The drums are rocking, explosive and technical with the right dynamics.  Altribe have played bars and small stages to festivals, always with their fiery style that is more than enough to set the stage on fire.
The opener Don’t Waste My Time is a groovy blues/rock song, perfect to put you in the album's mood. The female vocals are classy and wide. Definitely a song to move your head and dance to. In I Need You (More Than You Know) the wind instruments add a jazzy note. A chill out song with soul/rock vocals. Show Respect  is a bit of more funky with a very nice bassline. A summer radio friendly tune, yet a tune far from being mainstream. The same titled The Promised Land  sounds very fresh, but hides some mysteries of old summers and secrets. A pop/rock little gem.
I Chase The Night  has the vibe of an old cabaret in a weird mix with Madrugada's music. The very nightly music and the sexy vocals (which at the end of the song when getting higher are pure gold) make this a top moment of the album!  Love Will Help Me has a nice piano melody above a band which grooves non-stop. Another very nice song! The last song of the album is  Take Me Home.
Based on the dark and melancholic piano melody, it encompasses the soul female voice and definitely makes another stand out track.
Altribe is a band that people into different music styles like pop/ rock/ soul/ funk/ blues and bands
like Hooverphonic or The Cardigans will find very interesting. "The Promised Land" is a very attractive, passionate and carefully made album that you must check out!