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Band: AK-747s
Titel: Movies
Genre: Death Metal Punk
Release Date April 20, 2019 (first version 07.09.2018)


1. Snitches
2. Who is Judy?
3. Fucked Up
4. Methsmoke
5. Movies

Rob Nuclear - reactor core (guitar/vocals/lyrics)
Dylan Kirby - accelerator (bass/memes)
Craig Wigby - containment unit (drums)

The Canadian band AK-747s released the new album “Movies” in which aggressive sounds are highlighted by distortions and wild guitars, drums that leaves a marked mark and we can already savor it with the first track “Snitches”, where the band shows up a strong orientation towards a musicality full of aggressive metal not to mention the melody that accompanies the entire track.
Strongly the voice is rough and furious, and in the context of the song it is well fitting.

Excellent also the choice of the artwork that sees the choice fall on the painting by Francisco Goya "Witches' Sabbath", which goes well with the sound of the band.
The next piece is "Who is Judy?", another rough piece with clear references to punk and a purely style hard-core.
“Fucked Up” is another proof of how the band is centered in a bad and deliberately theatrical mood, in which the sounds are marked and brutal and the intense voice that manages to add in the context a strong emphasis .
In all this, it results in the full-bodied rhythmic section that leaves no escape, overwhelming with a terrifying vehemence.
Let's get to the song that I find the most significant of this work, I'm talking about "Methsmoke".
This is the darkest piece of "Movies", the one in which the AK-747s seem more introverted, macabre and dark to me.
Precisely because of its particular gloomy structure, its being obsessive in its structure, is a piece that differs from the rest of the songs, just listen to the guitar sound and overwhelms in its hypnotic essence.
“Movies” which closes this work, turns out to be vaguely like the previous track but stands out for its less gloomy air although particularly claustrophobic.
The first adjective I thought of to describe this piece, was 'alienating' and actually it's a song that manages to get you out of everything to be heard in its entirety.
Another important piece in this work, an aggressive and vehement piece that manages to creep in sibylline way and wrap in its own spirals. Once again, the guitars are able to fully convince and so also bass and drums that enrich with marked strength the sounds of this piece.
This darker version of the band deserves a lot of attention.
In general, AK-747s with their work "Movies", proves to be a compact trio managing to prove (if necessary) that power and anger, can be a vehicle of well-structured musicality and, I repeat, with an addition of dark orientation that enhances the sound of the band. 


Valeria Campagnale


AK-747s - "Snitches"