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Band: Aitherios
Title: MMXIX
Genre: Extreme  Metal
Release Date: ut in May 10th



1. Awaiting Omnipotence
2. Enshrined In Embers
3. A Legacy of Desolation

Chandler Tinder- Vocals
Joseph Goode- Rhythm Guitar
Jacob Davis- Lead Guitar
Tristan Mcgregor- Drums
Brandon Parker- Bass

Directly from California, arrives in Italy, here on Rockers And Other Animals, the band Aitherios that offers a metal influenced by several nuances that make the EP debut "MMXIX" very interesting.
Formed in late 2018, Aitherios with its a very hybrid metal, presents us this sound with melodic leads, neoclassical technicality, and progressive elements.
Three tracks contained, as well as three attractive proposals, “Awaiting Omnipotence” that opens this EP, is speedy with its faster guitars, with such a powerful rhythm that it stands out well in the whole context of the piece, a song that makes fire and flames and promises really well as opening, thanks to prog nuances.
The following “Enshrined in Embers” has such a stunning Brandon Parker’s bass, so dark, so beautiful, in its intro and its end as well, then aggressive riffs  and a voice that personally puts me anxious but I am a case apart ... is still very well modulated and appropriate to the piece, indeed, can further give added value to the content. Such a brilliant piece, maybe the one I prefer, even if I admit that it is not easy to choose a particular song among the three proposed.
The last one “A Legacy of Desolation”, sees the excellent bass again, anther dark intro for this piece, absolutely relaxing until the fierce Joseph Goode and Jacob Davis’s guitars and Chandler Tinder’s voice,  while the wild Tristan Mcgregor on drums is simply incredible
A band influenced by bands like The Faceless, passing through the music of The Zenith or Opeth, as it is natural that the influences are there, creating a detailed and spontaneous sound in which the five musicians, have sure structured on their artistic preparations.
Excellent this American Aitherios that has laid the foundations for a future crackling album, make way for the new musical levers!



Valeria Campagnale




Aitherios- "Enshrined In Embers" Official Audio