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Pino Scotto - "Eye For An Eye"

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Kings Will Fall is a Thrash Metal band from South Tyrol/Italy, founded at the end of 2013 by drummer Luk Gross and bassist Daniel Vanzo.

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The First album "Code 403" released on digital the 20th November 2017 on Jet Set Trash Records is a mix of electronic/synthwave sound and hard rock.

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Band: DSease Title: Rotten Dreams Genre: Dark / Ambient Rock Label: Sneakout Records Release Date: December 15 2017 Facebook Lineup: Alberto Niccoli: Vocals, Bass Fabio Balducci: Guitars Massimiliano Pretolesi: Synths Gabriele Lasi: Drums Guests:
 Massimiliano Pretolesi: Synth
 Gabriele Lasi: Drums Tracklist: 01. Selfist Darky Tender 02. Baby Believes
 03. With No Relief
 04. Freak (Out Of My Head) 05. Updated Partner 06. Smile Over You
 07. Wicked Sun 08. No One Will Hurt You DSease,...