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Interview with Wolfen Reloaded and in EXCLUSIVE for Rockers And Other Animals, brand new videoclip “Tomorrow Never Comes”

The band Wolfen was founded in the mid-eighties, after some changes of the bands lineup, the band became one of the hottest live acts in the southern Bavarian area. Due to personal and musical differences the band split up in 1996.
In 2009 the former members Christian Freimoser (Vocals), Wolfi Forstner (Guitars) and Thomas Rackl (Bass) , decided to restart the band under the name Wolfen Reloaded Project.
They soon found a skilled drummer, Richi Friesingerto, to complete the lineup and the project transformed soon to a real rockband, alive and kickin` again!
After extensive gigging, the “Open your eyes” EP , lineup changes, Wolfen Reloaded stands for modern,  progressive rock.
The bands roots are clearly rock and hard-rock of the 80s and 90s. Bands like Queensryche, King`s X, Dokken or Van Halen always have been a great influence to the sound of the band. 
The current year, 2018, sees the band with the brand new album “Changing Time”, published via the Italian label Volcano Records.
The actual lineup sees Christian Freimoser as vocalist, Wolfgang Forstner on guitar, Thomas Rackl on bass, and Manuel Wimmer on drums. Let's get to know them together ...

Hi guys and welcome into Rockers And Other Animals’ pages. “Changing Time”, a title born with a specific intention, your rebirth, or is there another reason behind it?
Hi Valeria, thank you for having us on “Rockers and others animals” webzine.
Well, when we first thought about a title for the album, it was pretty clear that it has to be something, with the word “Time”.
It was about time to make a complete album after so many years of playing live and recording demos and Eps. We had a new band member, so it was some kind of “changing time” for us as a band.

How was born the whole album? What inspired you in its composition?
Songwriting is something very organic for us. We´ve rarely written a song with strict orders to any of us. Usualy a riff expands to a whole song by the layers of each instrument.
The songs from the album have very different backgrounds. Some are very old and have been polished to shine like new. Some are pretty new and have never been played live before.
The selection of songs is some kind of retrospective of our music since we reformed back in 2009.

Autobiographical, self-critical or simply a modern vision of our modern life?
Well,let´s say it´s a little bit of everything . Lyrically some songs are more specific to a certain topic for example “Cyber Nation” or “Promised Land” others like “Amazing” and New Horizon”, just to mention some, are more open to everyones own interpretation and imagination.


Your lyrics fight against human fears and frustrations, demons that the human being has always fought, changing perhaps according to historical periods, but always present.
What are the Wolfens Reloaded afraid of?
Haha, we aren´t afraid of anything… except oh no…, not getting  gigs anymore… Haha
But to be serious, we all have same fears than everybody else. So therefore nothing in particular.
I like a lot “Tomorrow Never Comes”,  its sound, I find it a very interesting piece. Can you tell me something about this song?
Thank you !!  “Tomorrow” is one of the newer songs on the album. It came pretty quick together. We wanted some kind of “In your face”- Riff to start with and it had to have the catchy hookline we talked about earlier on.

 Wolfen Rloaded

Modern, classic, and progressive styles in “Changing Time”, I can imagine that each of you has different influences. Which one do you think is the predominant one in this album?
We really love the music we have  grown up with . These bands you already mentioned above in your introduction and others like Whitesnake, Creed may have caused our desire to make big, catchy hooklines. But this album does also have a modern, slightly progressive side connecting to current  bands like Alter Bridge or Winery Dogs. We would never consider ourselves as a Prog-Band but just one riff and one drumbeat for five minutes is also not our cup of tea. So we tried to keep the balance between those two sides.

“Judgement Day” is the other piece I really love, more close to a classic rock. How is born this piece? Do you think people can be afraid about a hypothetical judgment day? Judged by whom? What do the Wolfens Reloaded believe in?
Thanks a lot. We really appreciate that. "Judgement Day" is a very old song coming from the early days of Wolfen. Live, the song has always and still is connecting to the audience, so we decided to put it on the record with a slightly more modern sound.
You know Judgement day has more a metaphorical meaning. It´s more about love and beeing there for someone you love until the very end.
Ok what we believe in… We believe in live music where real musicians play real songs with real instruments and sing without melodyned voices. But that is another story !!

Do you have an upcoming tour or are you already engaged in promoting the new album, in this sense? Will we see you playing live in Italy?
Unfortunatly we were not able to release the album earlier this year. So the booking for all the festivals was done without us but we are sure to hit the stage in autumn and winter. Volcano Records our label maybe will also help  to play some italian venues, let`s hope for the best. We all love Italy so we would realy love to come.

Knowing well the Italian music scene, I would like to ask you how it is in your Country. How is the relationship between the bands over there?
Back in the days when we started there was some kind of music scene in almost any area of Germany.
Often lead by some pretty big bands with major deals. They´ve opened doors for some smaller bands.
Today there are only a few big players left and they are struggeling too.
The relations between bands have always been a mixture between friendship and competition. Beeing not in our twenties any more (well, most of us) has put us in a more comfortable position. We don’t have to compete with the younger bands cause we don`t rarely make the same kind of music.

Internet era. The pros and cons that you think exist for the survival of the music scene.
Taking a cue from your song “Cyber Nation”, young people know the music, on internet, they have lost the golden age when you came into record stores and you choose an album based on many considerations. In your opinion, can it be good or bad to have all the music just a click away?
This is a very ambivalent topic. The good thing is one the one hand people have access to music everywhere they go with the opportunity to find every artist and every song on the other hand  every artist nowadays has the possibility to release and promote his own music worldwide in just a second. But likewise this is also the problem. Music is becoming random.
Just one quick true story. We know a band that has a few million clicks on spotify and hundreds of thousands clicks on Youtube, what is seen on its own, very good. Now one should think this is quite a relavant band. But on facebook they have less than 3000 Fans. How does this go together? Shouldn`t they have many more fans? It seems that people mostly just click songs with only little interest in the artist. So it is really hard to say how these mechanics are working. And its even more difficult to have an unilateral opinion on that matter.

Well guys, I thank you for this chat, would you like to add somethings to our readers?
Thank you Valeria for having us and thanks for this interesting interview. To all you Italian readers we would love to come to Italy and play some shows here. Great country great people.  Mille grazie  !!!


Exclusive Footage Video:
Wolfen Reloaded “Tomorrow Never Comes”