4th September 2020

Interview to Winter's Verge

Winter's Verge, rockers and other animals, interview, Power Metal, Melodic Metal


What was your motive to form the band?

Hello! Miguel here! Well George formed the band in 2004, he wanted to play melodic power metal and there wasn’t really anyone else around here in Cyprus at the time doing that. I joined the band in 2005 and have been here ever since!


For how long have you listened to metal before?

I started listening to metal around 95-96. I started off with Iron Maiden, Metallica and Angra!


Which are your favorite metal bands/albums?

So many to mention! I could make a huge list. Probably Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Savatage – Gutter Ballet, Stratovarius - Episode, Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse, Rotting Christ - Kata Ton Daimona Eautou… so many.


What is the fresh thing Winter's Verge bring to metal?

I like to think we bring a lot of catchy melodies, combined with a special atmosphere in our sounds. We don’t introduce anything really revolutionary, but we definitely have our sound and we stand out from the crowd.





Please tell us about the band's biography and discography.




The band started in 2004, with a desire to create melodic, atmospheric power metal (there weren’t many bands in Cyprus doing that back then). I joined the band in 2005 and after many live shows around Cyprus we released a demo album the next year, which caught the attention of RD Liapakis of Mystic Prophecy, who was so kind as to put us in touch with LMP records. We produced our first full-length album ‘Eternal Damnation’ in 2007, released in 2008, and we did a few more shows to solidify our base! We did a short tour of Greece and then produced ‘Tales of Tragedy’ which was released in 2010 on Massacre Records, followed by a European tour with Stratovarius, which was an amazing dream come true!
After that we got to work for our next album ‘Beyond Vengeance’, again with Massacre. Cyprus then went through an economic crisis that caused us to pause many of our activities, so we delayed a bit and released our fourth album, called simply ‘IV’, as an independent release in 2015. We still managed to do a festival in Bucharest and tour through Greece, Bulgaria and Romania with Desert in 2016, and included some shows in Israel around the same time. After this in 2017 we self-released an EP called ‘Wolves of Tiberon’, which we supported with a few shows in Cyprus and Israel again. There had been some lineup changes over the years, but after this however there was a major lineup change where our two longtime guitarists, Harrys Pari and Andy Kopriva had to leave the band due to professional and time issues, so we found two replacement guitarists, Deniel Pavlovsky and Savvas Parperi, along with keyboardist Stavry Michael.
George had been working on a solo album for a while, and we decided to make it a Winter’s Verge release instead. We got in touch with Pride & Joy Music and we were impressed with their professionalism and quality, so we felt very happy to release our latest album with them now in 2020!



Winter's Verge, rockers and other animals, interview, Power Metal, Melodic Metal

Let us know some more thing about your new album "The Ballad of James Tig". When was it conceived and recorded?




As I mentioned earlier, George was working on this side project for a while. Along with local author Frixos Masouras, they conceived a storyline and Frixos wrote a novel called ‘The Ballad of James Tig’, with George meaning to write a song about each chapter of the book. Work had moved ahead somewhat until the band had to go through some lineup changes, where we all took the decision to release it as a Winter’s Verge album instead.





Have you gotten any reviews so far?




We’ve had a few so far and they’ve been overall quite positive, many people get what we’re doing which is good to see considering this is a bit of a ‘different’ album compared to our previous ones!




Winter's Verge, rockers and other animals, interview, Power Metal, Melodic Metal

Is Winter's Verge a live band and how much did the pandemic affect you?

Very much so, we are all experienced musicians who love playing live. That’s where you get to really connect with your fans and, these days, actually make money! Playing live means travelling to other countries and meeting cool people which is what we love to do, and sadly the pandemic affected us pretty much as it affected everyone else around the world! We will try to get through it as best we can – we can’t wait to start playing live again.


How important is it for you to rehearse often?

Very important. Rehearsing is great for the personal chemistry, the band’s vibe, and also, more importantly, coming up with new ideas and songs and working on them together. It also works to keep the band active and alive.


What are the next plans for Winter's Verge?

Well, the album comes out on 11th September which will be very exciting! After that, we hope to do some radio spots and other promotion but beyond that, nobody at all knows… we can only wait and see sadly!