watercrisis, interview

WaterCrisis is an Italian stoner rock band, from the province of Naples, the  first album entitled ''Sleeping Sickness'', was released in 27th April 2018, evolving the ideas to propos into the previous EP, a more resolute and aggressive sound which better refer to the stoner/metal , musical genre chosen by the band, proposing a more mature product, confirming their contract with Volcano Records & Promotion Label.
The particular sound of these musicians, intrigued me enough  to  want to interview them to get to know them better.

Hi guys, welcome on Rockers And Other Animals! First of all, let me tell you how much I’ve appreciated your album ''Sleeping Sickness'', you’ve mixed with style different sounds creating a very different album.

Would like to  present yourself to the readers?
Hi Rockers And Other Animals and readers.  We are WaterCrisis a stoner rock band from Naples composed by Caterina Salzano (vocals), Antonio Castaldo (bass), Francesco Coppeta (guitar) and Roberto Godas (drums).

How much time did you spent recording your debut album?
We spent one week recording Sleeping Sickness and it was such a wonderful experience!

Between arrangement, lyrics and melody, which is most important to you? 
None of these elements is more important than the other. Harmony is basically the foundation of every aspect; even silence has a huge importance in making music. It’s part of the sound.

How autobiographic, confessional or private is ''Sleeping Sickness''?
Every trace of Sleeping Sickness tell’s about a person’s illness and his struggle to limit this illness. He does it through his experience that why try to describe through our melodies, arrangements and texts.

watercrisis, interview

Each of your song in the album is a journey to itself, different kind of destination. Is this something desired or was it all born spontaneously?
This is the exact message and purpose of our album. Each song is a journey that describes different ways to learn to see things we tend to hide in dark places within ourselves to face them, to survive.

I think that enclosing your music exclusively in the stoner rock genre is reductive, but how would you describe the band’s sound to someone who has never heard it?
Our sound is something spontaneous and natural. A mix of all the musical influences of each member. Blues, Metal, Stoner, Grunge, Jazz, Prog, Doom and the most varied audiences. We never think of a genre when we compose.

"Slaughter" and “The Void” are my favorite pieces of your album, how these songs are born?
Like most of our songs, these two are born from a riff that is then developed and augmented by each of the instruments, to give shape to a structure on which is put a text that respects the type of atmosphere created.

''Sleeping Sickness'' artwork is so endearing, is there a concept behind this cover?
The album cover art symbolically represents the meaning of the songs. There are three levels: below, there is a host of corpses, defeated by their sickness. Lying on them, there is a demonic woman, seated on a throne, proud to have survived but with a sad look because she is actually chained by a demon bigger than her.

A “classic” question…Which artists influence your music?
As already mentioned, the ratings of each of us influence our music and these are among the most disparate. Obviously, the stoner world is the one we refer to most. Groups like Kyuss, Black Sabbath, 1000moods, Melvins have always been a source of inspiration.

How did you become a professional musician?
Hard work, sacrifice, dedication are the things that, when you do not have other means, repay with great satisfaction. Precisely these things have allowed us and will allow us to grow professionally as musicians and humanly as people.

Italian underground scene is a talents undergrowth, in your personal opinion, why is so difficult emerging? Considering how much changed is in listening to music and the huge musical proposals?
In our opinion, emerging in the underground music scene is so difficult because there are so many different proposals for very few ears that are interested in something new. Everyone is tied to their usual listening. Even among musicians it is rare to find support. Music has become a business and there is so much competition around.

What would you say to people who prefer to continue supporting the known artists and not the emerging ones?
We would like to tell these people that no one will ever forget Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Pantera and all the history of music but it's too easy to say that music is dead if you ignore the beats of those who still believe in it. Emerging music is full of talents.

Looking back over your single careers, is there a moment or situation you feel was a misstep or you would like to have a “do over”?
Just like in life, the missteps in the career are very important. We would not do anything differently than we did, otherwise we would not be now, we would be different. Failure helps to become aware of what is the right path and helps to pursue it.

Please share a final message with Pest’s readers. Thanks a lot for your time, I wish you all the best.
First of all, we want to thank you for the time you have dedicated us. Then, we want to thank the readers, for their attention and we want to tell everyone: CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THE UNERGENT SCENE AND THE EMERGING ARTISTS AND THE MUSIC WILL NEVER DIE.