1 October 2020

Welcome guys and congrats for your new surprising video clip! Awesome and unique dark vocals mixed with metal. Tell us a few words!

Hello and thank you for this interview.
We are happy with how video was done and so far it’s our best one yet. This video is actually announcement for our upcoming album “End this game” that will be released on October 30th.


VOID IN seems to be one of the most known Serbian metal bands and only with 1 album! How did you manage this?

Well, we really focused on playing live shows and promotion and well. We played in more than 15 countries around the world and I think that really helped  us to deliver the status and gain more experience.


Do you think that you sound different from your first album? Looking back to time, do you still enjoy this stuff?

Yes and no. What is different is approach. This album we recorded with analog technology which we are huge fans of. Analog is very challenging, there is not much chance for auto tune and re-record so you must really deliver the best you can from just several takes.
Our sound didn’t change, it’s just got more aggressive with “in your face” guitars and drums.


Some wise man said that you have to believe in what you say about music. Do you agree? How much spontaneous you are about songwriting?


We are spontaneous and natural all the way. We really play what we love and put our hearts in our music. We don’t follow trends. As far as songwriting go every song has different emotion and message. When we write music, I leave songwriting process last so music can guide me in what directions lyrics will go.



When can we wait about your second full length album?

October 30 th


Are you going to release another video after the release?

Yes, it will be for song “Dead of Night” and it’s planed for November 2020


What are your main influences and how can you describe your sound?

We like to say that we are similar to Alice in Chains with female Danzig on vocals. Dark alternative metal
Our biggest influences are Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Testament, Machine Head, Soundgarden, Skid Row, W.A.S.P, Gojira, Pantera.


Any plans for shows in the near future?
Yes, covid 19 situation is still crazy so hopefully we will play this Winter season shows in Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. For March we have booked UK tour



Considering that you come from Serbia, do you believe that you would have a better future if your origin was from the other side of Atlantic?

It’s hard to say, maybe. We try not to focus on those things, we  are  trying to do our best with what we have, where we are.



What is the best feeling that you earn from music?

I like being creative, write music that is risky and original. Playing live also gives me the sense of fulfillment Third main reason is that through music you get a chance to meet amazing people who you couldn’t meet otherwise


Thanx a lot for the interview! Good luck with your decent stuff!

Thank you for having me, rock on!