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Steven Berez aka Ven, the charismatic lead singer and songwriter for the Venrez rock band, is my special guest for this interview. Owner of Monarch Music Group, LLC, a multifaceted artist into rock universe and a successful movie producer.
Venrez, the Southern California rock band, is ready to release their new and 5th album, entitled “Element 115”, Ven, is here to answer to my questions about his music, his projects and the new album.

Welcome Ven, it’s a pleasure to have the chance to have you in Rockers and Other Animals’ pages.
I’d like to start telling you how much unique is Venrez’ style. How the Venrez adventure began?
My singer song writer roommate decided to build a Tiki Bar on our patio. The next thing I knew, he had some well-known musicians over to assist. One was Jason Womack, the former bassist for Juliette Lewis and the Lick’s. Jason and I started jamming together and made a pact to form a band and only do music full time. It has been 8 years now.)  How did you choose your sound style? (Jason Womack writes the music and produces our records, I write the lyrics. Jason was influenced by The Jesus and Mary Chain as well as the bands influenced by them and created the unique Venrez sound).

When I saw you on stage the past year, I didn’t know much about Venrez, I loved your gig and the chemistry between you on stage, this thing makes the vision of your show so amusing.  This perception is something very positive, it’s like Venrez play for passion, not all the bands on stage demonstrate this harmony. Don’t you think it’s to important transmit positive emotions to fans?
I believe the fans respond to what they interpret is real. I think one of the secrets to my success as a front man is the fact I deliver the songs I wrote with the deep feelings I had when I wrote them. The fans feel the realness and appreciate that.


“Element 115”, what can we expect from this new album?  Can you give me an anticipation?
This album is by far our best work yet. There is a natural progression of the music with more psychedelic sounds.

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Currently the album is available for pre order, when will the album be physically released?
We will officially release the album before the April tour to the UK and Italy.

How much time did you need to write materials in recording the new album?
Jason and I are always writing songs. This album was a combination of songs written already and us writing new material specifically for this album. It took approx 6 months to get this done.

Watching the album artwork, the title “Element 115”, is reported to Muscovia, a synthetic super heavy element of the periodic table, which has the symbol Mc and atomic number 115. Why did you choose this title, and above all the reason for this particular element?
"Element 115" is Ununpentium, which former Area 51 scientist Robert Lazar disclosed in 1985 to be what extraterrestrial craft run on. Therefore, the connotation that this album is outside our universe.

Venrez will be on tour in U.S.A. and Europe, do you think the band can touch other Countries?
We intend to tour the world before we are done. The band is looking at possible dates in South America for September as well.

What are the greatest sources of inspiration for your lyrics and music?
You would need to ask Jason for his inspiration as he writes the music. It is mainly his love for The Jesus and Mary Chain as well as Tool and all bands who were influenced by those bands. As a lyricist, my inspiration comes from my life experiences and lessons I wish to teach.

Is there a song, or an entire album of yours which could totally define yourself?
I would have to say no because I am a complex person and the messages and lessons I relay through my lyrics entail many aspects of life. I write about lost love, politics, political oppression and what I call my science fiction songs which connect the ancient past to the world of today.


Are there musicians who particularly inspired you? Are there artists who inspire your music?
I am inspired lyrically by John Lennon, Jim Morrison and Bob Dylan.

What's your opinion about the music in internet era? Don’t you think   digital music has changed the way to perceive music?
The digital age has ended record sales for the most part. Fans get to hear a lot of new music on the internet whereas commercial radio is so controlled. I prefer the analogue sound although we combine that with digital in our albums.

Nowadays there’re so many new bands but old school always conquers, see Alice Cooper or Iron Maiden, just name a few. In your opinion, why the new bands can't reach the success and rise from the underground?

We can thank corporate controlled commercial radio for that. They literally do not play anything that broke after 1992.

I really thank you for your time for this interview, just can’t wait to see Venrez again in Italy.

In the meantime, Venrez will play with The Compulsions in U.K.



Below the Playbill with dates and venues.

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