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Troyen, originally active in the NWOBHM, despite a promising arrival, the band were sadly to part ways late on in 1982 due to financial issues and related “rock and roll stuff”, as band bio says.
Reformed in 2014 after 32 years to record new material & perform at festivals/venues across UK & Europe, Troyen band is back with a new EP entitled "A New Dawn" released these month, July 2019. Here Jeff Baddley answer to this interview.

Hi Jeff and welcome!
To begin with, I remember Troyen, even if a little vaguely to be honest, my fault. NWOBHM gave many bands the chance to receive honours and glory but there were also bands that were undervalued or that for one reason or another were not able to emerge.
Reading your bio, Troyen didn't make it for financial reasons. What exactly was the birth and end of the band?

The band was formed in late 1980. Dave Strathearn and I had known each other for a few months and went to see Steve McGuire (an old school friend of Jeff’s) playing with his band. After the gig I contacted Steve and told him the band would be better with me and Dave in it……so Troyen was born. After two years together playing all over UK & Europe the demands of “real life” became to strong and the band split to get real jobs, get married etc


Together you and Steve McGuire are founder members of Troyen and the original since the beginning.
How and when did the other members of the band join you both?

The original line up was Jeff Baddley (Drums), Steve McGuire (Guitar & Vocals), Nick Mannion (Guitar & Vocals) and Dave Strathearn (Bass). Neil Treanor joined on lead vocals in the summer of 1981 and this was the line up till September 1982 when Nick left and we continued as a four piece until we spit in Jan 1983. When we reformed in 2014 Dave could not commit and we brought in bass player Karl Altdorfer who had played in as covers band with Steve and I. In 2016 Karl was replaced by Andy Stephenson an old school friend of Jeffs.
In December 2017 Nick left the band due to health reasons and was replaced by Steve Haslam. Andy Stephenson left the band in January 2019 and Mark Nortley joined the band as bass player. This gave the band its strongest line up yet

Troyen, interview, Jeff Baddley, A New Dawn, EP, Rockers And Other Animals, Rock News, NWOBHM, Rock Magazine, Rock Webzine, rock news, sleaze rock, glam rock, hair metal

Predictable question but…32 years is really a lot, when did you decide to reform the band and in what spirit, given the various waves of metal that have grown over time?

I was contacted in April 2014 by Stuart Bartlett who runs the Brofest festivals asking if I was the Jeff Baddley from Troyen and asking if there was any chance the band could reform to appear at Brofest#3 in February 2015.

In “A New Dawn” there’re two new tracks, in “Nightmare”, my fave one, the sound is typically seventies, with references to blues, while "Lady Evil" is more classic metal genre oriented. Two Troyen sides living together?

Yeah we write what every feels right at the time. Nightmare is a Baddley/McGuire composition and Lady Evil is a Baddley/Haslam track. Steve M is more a blues style guitarist and Steve H a more metal shredder guitarist. The styles complement each other and give us the Troyen sound.

Troyen, interview, Jeff Baddley, A New Dawn, EP, Rockers And Other Animals, Rock News, NWOBHM, Rock Magazine, Rock Webzine, rock news, sleaze rock, glam rock, hair metal

After this EP, will there be a chance to hear a full-length?

The current release A New Dawn was meant to be a full album but with the line up change in January and Steve McGuire’s heart surgery in February and his enforced time off it meant that time meant we could only release as an EP. A full album will be released in 2020

What can you tell us about your onstage activity in 2019?

We have a string of festival dates across the UK over the summer culminating in an appearance at The Blast From The Past Festival in Belgium in December…..2020 is shaping up nicely too with an appearance at The Giants Of Rock Festival in January.


How has the metal scene changed in England? Is there underground activity?

As with all things the metal scene has and need to develop…..great new bands like Toledo Steel, Kaine, Midnight Prophecy, Death Valley Nights and Superseed are lighting up the current metal scene but there is plenty of room for us old rockers too.


There are people who, even though they follow heavy metal, haven't experienced its birth, maybe they listen to extreme genres or the 'nu metal' wave and don't fully know the real roots of metal.
If you had to explain to these guys what the NWOBHM movement really was, what would you say?

NWOBHM emerged from punk but both had classic rock influences……The NWOBHM movement as christened by Geoff Barton from Sounds was 1979-1983 but rock is rock what ever label its given. The NOW wave if classic rock NWOCR is developing now.


The career of a band, short it may be, is always studded with more or less positive events. Speaking of positive things, what is the episode, or more than one, that has most marked you during your musical growth?

It has been a true revelation to us how many people remember the band from the 80’s across the UK & Europe and have joined the TROYEN army since we reformed. The defining moment I think was at the reunion gig at Brofest when we were playing our set and there were people at the front of the crowd who weren’t born in the 80’s singing every word of our tracks…..truly awesome.


Thanks for your time, you’ve all the space you want to add everything you’d like to say...

Thanks you the opportunity to talk to you, I’m really glad glad like “ A New Dawn”. We will continue to produce new material and perform as long as people want us to…..thanks to everyone for their continued support, we’d be nothing without you


Valeria Campagnale