Tracy Grave, interview, new album, Volcano Records and Promotion, sleaze rock

Tracy Grave, ex former Hollywood Pornstar, an EP and a full length behind his carrier, a live activity with Adam Bomb and Pretty Boy Floyd, Tracy has collaborated with many artists of the metal scene, many lives in support of historical groups as Alice Cooper, Backyard Babies, Faster Pussycat and LA Guns.
In 2015 he began his solo career with the EP "Faith", an acoustic work signed by five tracks, the following year he released "In The Mirror Of Soul". Now Tracy, fresh from the entry into the roster of our Volcano Records & Promotion, with his new band, is ready for a new musical adventure, let's let him talk about it to Rockers And Other Animals Magazine.

Welcome Tracy, it's always a pleasure to talk with you.
Great artistic new for you, the entry into the roster of Volcano, a new album coming soon, we can say that your musical growth is increasingly on the rise.
What will be the inclination of the new album? How will you surprise us with this new work?
Hello, it is always a pleasure being your guests! First of all, we want to thank Volcano for this opportunity to prove ourselves, they are wonderful people. The new record will have hard rock inclinations, with Glam & Sleaze sounds. There is something classic, but also something new. Like having a breath of fresh air at the same time. You will be amazed by the hardness of this album, if compared with "In the mirror of the soul"!! You’ll be able to perceive our aggressiveness, and our soul coming out from our songs.

What’s the idea behind this album?
This album is a cry of freedom! We want to send a clear message and make sure that people remember that nothing is impossible in this life. The only way to achieve our goals is by being free and making our own choices. As a band, we want to inspire all those people who feel oppressed and give voice to those who may not have one.

Can you tell us about the title or something about its artwork?
The artwork is very impactful, as our music. We have created something clean and simple. Tracy and the graphic designer Francesco Cagali took care of the graphics. The title of the album instead will be a surprise. Now we can tell you that it incorporates all the feeling of anger and rebellion of the new album!

Would you like to talk about the new band?
The guys are crazy! We have completely different personalities, so we often manage to constructively confront with each other. We are always honest between us, and I think this is the reason why we go so well. Everyone works hard trying not to disappoint the expectations of others, we are a family after all! We are creating an excellent alchemy, you will see it when we’ll get on the stage to present the new album. For now, I can tell you that this is going to be good!!


How hard is it to find band members in our Country that isn’t known for rock n’ roll culture?
Well, in Italy there is a rock music culture, but it’s focused on cover and tribute bands projects. As you well know, we are at war with tribute bands. I think they are musicians who play at being artists, but who don’t have the faintest idea of what to be an artist means. They simply are living media players... If I must be honest, I prefer staying home and listen to the original ones! With Mark Shovel we spent several months to find a lineup that was right for us, but it was more a search for values rather than technique.

Tracy Grave, interview, new album, Volcano Records and Promotion, sleaze rock

How did you choose the themes of the lyrics for the new album? Or they’re born spontaneously?
Like I said, the lyrics on this album represent a cry of freedom. They’re about love, hate, conflicts, superficiality and life values. The songs were born spontaneously and are full of our essence. They are the stories of our life! The lyrics come out from something like a trance which take over my mind through dreams or daily moments. It is a way to interpret all the stories I live by myself or through other people. The whole thing is thrown down in writing without thinking too much on.

I imagine you have achieved a sense of security acquired both in the live shows and in your previous works, do you feel more comfortable playing live or in a studio?
I love playing live. I don’t think I can live without it! At this moment I feel like I am more comfortable… It's me, the real Tracy. The new album has been recorded so that it remains melodic, but at the same time raw and rough as it is played in rehearsals. No synth, No keyboards. I really feel myself in these songs and I'm excited at the idea of playing them live!

Volcano Records, a younger Italian label that’s expanding and winks at our local rock scene, the one that reflects both our reality and the most talented musicians. Was it love at first listening?
I still thank the guys from Volcano who are doing a great job for the Italian rock scene and more! Well, you should ask them. I can say we’re working very hard. They are very professional and prepared!

How could be important having a label for a qualitative leap?
For sure it’s important to have someone who can guide you in the right way, it is the first step towards something more. We have already met some bands of Volcano roster. We are very happy about it, we believe it is a way to meet other artists with whom we can organize tours! If you don’t carry your music around, you can’t hope for someone to come knocking on your door and say: "Oh you know, I really like your song!". So yes, today it’s very important to have a label that helps you organize shows.

Do you think the new album as a maturity one? Is there anything in this album that you didn’t in the past and you wanted to experiment?
This is the album I‘ve always wanted to record! With Mark, who was my sidekick during composition, but also with every idea which created this work. We have a great feeling, and our singer-guitarist relationship has given rise to pretty big projects!!! We really hope to reach people with our work!

After the release of the album, are there concerts scheduled to support the new release? Other plans for the rest of the year
We are planning a mini tour here in Sardinia, which will anticipate the release of the album in a very short time, and then start the real tour that will keep us busy for most of the year. The goal of 2018 is to bring our music everywhere and have fun while making people have fun! So, you can’t miss it. We will announce the start of the tour on our social media and we’ll release a calendar with all the dates.

So thank you Tracy, is there anything else you’d like to add?
I thank you so much for this interview, it was great as usual!! We hope hearing from you very soon!!! Always long live rock n’ roll! 



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