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Today's Inmates, interview, Rockers And Other Animals

Today's Inmates
Today's Inmates is an Italian hard rock band born in 2014, in May 2018 the band released their first album, "No Man's Land", including the material written from the beginning. Strong of the excellent reviews and mentions received, the group immediately set to work on the following project: a series of independent singles, the first of which, "Silverback", released in November of the same year, with attached video clip. The local inspiration and the example of the big international bands led to the commitment to an energetic and fluent style, rich in details and nuances.

Hi guys and welcome to Rockers And Other Animals, I would say to start with the presentation of the group.

Today’s Inmates’ members are: Mattia Rebuffo (vocals and guitar), Filippo Uberti (Guitar), Edoardo Sciandra (Bass), Matteo Borgna (drums). The band is mainly based in Piedmont,Italy, and our ages range from 18 to 22.

In May last year your first album, "No Man's Land" was released, what were your expectations?

Our desire was simply to publish the songs that we wrote since the beginning, to hopefully make a statement in the story of our band. We were very happy a out the response we got from people around us and from the public, which made us realize that we want to write and do more.

The single "Silverback" that we remember was released in November last year, can it be a pre-production phase of the new album?

We originally intended to leave it as a single, but we are starting to evaluate a chance to include it in a new EP, maybe next year.

Today's Inmates, interview, Rockers And Other Animals

Your music is a rich Southern Hard'n Heavy /Hard Rock, certainly given by the influences of each of you. If you had to mention some of the artists that most mark your style, what would they be?

Some of the artists we sure love are: alter bridge, Black Stone cherry, Tremonti, Mastodon, Dead Man's Miracle and many more.

What's it like to play your style in Italy?

The most difficult thing is discovering new places and venues that are comfortable with this genre. Luckily we are finding that this type of music is slowly coming back, both in public culture and in people's playlists.

What would you like to communicate with your music?

Our lyrics often talk about injustice and violence, which are some of the main problems we have to face today as a community. Other than that, we simply try to write fun and interesting music for people to enjoy.

You are a young band , here you are with different views to those that may be those of chia the Italian scene has experienced it fully.
How do you think we can transform our music scene?

We think that the scene is naturally and constantly evolving. You just have to wait for it to turn the right direction.

What is missing and what do you find positive in the general context here in Italy?

For us it’s great to see so many underground bands like us, working hard to expand their public. It would be great if the society was more open minded in regards to going out to see live gigs.
People are not so comfortable in front of a stage, and live music is often seen as a “closed party” to which musicians only have access to.

You have all the space you want to tell something else.

We would like to simply thank Rockers And Other Animals for the space and all its readers for the attention!
You can find un on Facebook, Instagram as todaysinmates_band and on our official website.