Stray Bullets

The story of Stray Bullets begins back in 2007, in Verona, the band released the first studio album self-release “Lost Soul Town”. In the following years, Stray Bullets faced a series of line-up changes, which accidentally led them to focus their proposal on a more sleaze oriented rock style. In 2015, after the meeting with Oscar Burato and Stefano Gottardi of Burning Minds Music Group, Stray Bullets, entered in 
Eleven tracks, which includes most of the songs taken from “Lost Soul Town”, re-written and re-arranged.
Let’s the band talk about the new adventure…

Hi guys, welcome on Rockers And Other Animals. First of all, let me tell you how brilliant is your album “Shut Up”, absolutely great. It’s just about the album I’d like to start the interview.
It may not be easy to do, but could you comment on your latest work?
“Shut Up” wants to be a relaunch-album for the reason that since 2007 ‘till nowadays we had to face a lot of line-up changes. Despite this, the desire not to give up has been really strong and led to the birth of this record. The title is meant to be referred to the ones that presumed us dead.

For those new to your work, can you introduce yourself, please?
Our rock is both rough and melodic at the same time: valve distortions, big bass, straight drumming and we have surely something to say!

From which bands is the group influenced?
Obviously we’ve been influenced by the sound of the west coast back in the ‘80s, although there are contaminations that mark us.

Stray Bullets

How hard is it to play rock in our Country that isn’t known for rock n’ roll culture, or even not have one?
We think that Italy has got a rock culture and it is demonstrated by the several sold-out shows of the big names that every year play in our country.
However, our impression is that there’s no curiosity into discovering something new. Usually tribute and cover bands are preferred compared to bands that propose original music. Anyway, we have to say that there is a beautiful underground community that follows and supports realities like ours.

What are your expectations for your project?
Our dream is to share the stage with our idols and we would be honored to be the openers for big names. We know that this is a really difficult goal, that is why our current expectations are lower; we’d like to spread our music abroad. We received a lot of positive reviews so far, both at home and abroad, even overseas. Hope something concrete can be done with all these countries.
Meanwhile, we keep on rockin’.

After the release of the album, are there concerts scheduled to support the new release? Other plans for the rest of the year?
We are going to start by supporting a Swedish band, “Aerodyne”, through their Italian tour in two occasions: the first one will be on the 17th of February at Grind House Club in Padova and then, the following day, at Meeting Pub in Borno (Brescia). Other live shows are currently being established.

There is so much influence of the 80s in your songs, your album brought me back in time, what do you think of the wave of glam/sleaze coming from northern Europe?
The north European scene is well consolidated from several years. We just have to take a leaf from them as bands close to our sound have managed to reach first places in the charts. Something almost unthinkable here in Italy.

The bands growing have different stimuli and expectations, what you want to be in your processional music growth? How do you see yourself in a few years?
Honestly we’ve never decided a specific direction. Everything we play, comes out from our inspiration and we ourselves. About our future, we don’t push ourselves with a guide-line; we’re simply gonna make it our way.

Personally, what were the incisive moments in your artistic work?
Meeting Oscar and Stefano from “Burning Minds Music Group” was absolutely one of them and maybe the most important. It is thanks to them if now we’re talking about “Shut Up”. They’ve seen a potential in the band and helped us by developing it.

What should the audience expect from your live? What emotions do you want to transmit?
Have you ever heard about Rock n’ Roll? ;)

Thank you for the time spent on the interview, what would you like to add to your readers?
We would like to thank you for this interview and all the readers too. Huge thanks also to anyone who will buy our album, will come to our shows and support Rock N’ Roll.


Valeria Campagnale

stray bullets