Social Scream, interview, rockers and other animals, greece, Heavy Metal
Social Scream, interview, rockers and other animals, greece, Heavy Metal

Welcome guys! Let's start with the typical question, who are you, where are you from and for how long you've been around?

Hi there! Thanks for the interview! We are Social Scream from Sparta-Greece, we have been around since 2008.

Your Third album Organic Mindset is out! What are the new aspects in your compositions.

Our main goal was to provide a riff based Heavy/Thrash Metal album who sounds solid and fresh. The new aspect is the absence of keyboards and brutal vocals. 2 years ago we decided to move forward as a 4 piece band without keyboards and having our rhythm guitarist Vlasis Diamantakos as lead singer.

What was your source of inspiration this time? Do you guys feel compositional maturity flow through your newest music?

The source of inspiration for Social Scream is the need to express and create the music we like to hear. Lyrically we take our life experiences and our thoughts about specific matters and put it on words. Compositional maturity for us is to be direct and express ourselves musically at this specific period of time. So with that said, yes our newest music represents our today's musical identity.

Did it receive the reaction you expected from the fans?

The reaction was greater than we thought. This album promoted better than the previous ones and it seems a lot of people know us by listening to “Organic Mindset”.

Covid 19 has changed everyone daily routine and life and of course affected the music industry as well. How you guys dealt with this situation?

In our daily routine since we had a quarantine here in Greece for 2 months we tried to be carefully and stay healthy for us and our close ones. In our music life unfortunately we didn't do any live shows or rehearsals this period but we finished with the recordings of our upcoming album and we released 2 new videos.

Are there any plans for future live appearances?

Yesterday we did our first rehearsal after 4 months. We hope after August -September things will be more efficient for promoters and live clubs in order to start booking some shows.

Are you working to your next album already or we will have to wait long for it?

Our upcoming release is going to be a 2 cd album combination with re-recording demos and tracks from our first 2 albums. Probably is going to release somewhere inside 2021!

The epilogue is yours.

Thanks for the interview ! Hope all you guys doing well and keep rocking hard! Make sure you check out our latest album “Organic Mindset”, I assure you that is going to blow your speakers

Social Scream, interview, rockers and other animals, greece, Heavy Metal