Slabber, heavy metal, italian band, “Colostrum”

Slabber is a heavy metal band from Milan, Italy, started back in 2015 by four musicians who just wanted to put their ideas in music. Their debut album “Colostrum” was released on September 2017. The band is here to answer to my questions to talk about their album and their artistic career.

Hi guys, thanks for the interview granted to us, and congratulations for your album. Please, introduce yourself.
Slabber is a no compromise band who plays how it wants and without any dictated inputs.

How did you meet, musically speaking?
Me and Marco (on drums ) played together for years in Rapid Fire. Later we met Alessandro and Francesco on internet. Since that day, we’ve all wanted playing together thanks to a musical understanding. 

With your album “Colostrum” what new sounds do you propose to divulge? How is it born?
Colostrum” is how it sounds: powerful, fast and strong. We are very proud of it!
It came to light on September 2017 and our musical proposal does not intend to be something you never heard before, but you have to listen to SLABBER before saying something like “I have already heard something like this”. Turn on your stereo and open your ears! 

How long did the album take to put together from the time of writing the first track to the completion of the album?
The same time you used to be born...

multiplied by 2 :)

Is there a song in particular you love most in this album and why?

I like the first one “Vagito”. That is my baby's crying at the age of 2 (months). It sounds really good and the classical guitar melody is something that I'm in love.

What was the source of inspiration for your songs?
My inspiration is all music I listen to, no particular bands. When I take my guitar I start playing and...I like the way my music comes out. Then, I take my time for arrangement and all about it concerns.

Which of you deals with the drafting of the lyrics?
Me and Alessandro. No written rules between us, only it comes.

Do you immediately dedicate yourself to your proposed genre or have you started playing another style?
I started playing classical guitar when I was 12 but I've always been a true rock soul! 

If you were to define yourself as band, how would you do it?

Sorry, I don't understand this question! Anyway, no other way...just SLABBER

With what song you would describe the world today, as the Slabber sees it?
This is a digital world and we talk about this in “Connection To Nowhere”.

Why did you decide to call yourself Slabber? What does this moniker come from?
SLABBER is distortion of the italian word “Slabbrato”. Anyway, “SLABBER” has a lot of meaning in different languages...just take your dictionary and start enjoying...

Which bands have influenced your music?
Look above.


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