Silent Winter, interview, rockers and other animals magazine, POWER METAL
Silent Winter, interview, rockers and other animals magazine, POWER METAL

Silent Winter mix Power Metal with Heavy and deliver a fresh aura in the genre. We had a little talk about their album “The Circles of Hell”.
When and why did the band split up?

The band was formed in 1995 from a handful of then teenagers and friends. We rehearsed whenever we had some free time from school and at summers we were recording some demos... from than point every one of us took different directions either for work or for studies and all this distance that was created meant the end of the band... each of us played in other bands basically as a hobby without thinking of anything further, until 2018.


What were the reasons for reforming the band?

For sure that was the release of our debut album after 20 years of existence.

How do you feel about your first full length album coming out after so many years?


The emotions are strong and I cannot help but feel nothing less that satisfaction and pride.



What does heavy metal and what does power metal mean to you?

They are our inspiration, they are the music genres we listened to the most while growing up and consequently they appear as influences in our music. However, we try to bring things to our own standards.



How often do you play live shows?


For the time being and after the cancellation of all live shows due to the pandemic nothing is arranged for the coming period and everything is under discussion... as far as why you should be in one of our shows, you will have to come and find it out for your own.

Your vocalist Mike Livas is a very active singer. How did you cooperate? Is he a member of the band?

Our cooperation with Mike has reached a point of excellent communication... we know how Mike works and he knows what we ask of... We have found our “buttons” and this is good for the band... Yes, Mike is a member of the band now.


Greece is mostly knows for its black metal. How strong Heavy/Power scene do you have in Greece?

The Greek scene has nothing to be jealous of when compared with the rest of the world. The productions are great, the musicians are great and every year many remarkable albums are released.
Volos is a small city and the metal bands here can be counted, but over the last period we can see that the scene is getting more active with many old bands reunions and also new bands forming.

Which will be you next steps?

There is no plan at the moment... after the global pandemic 4 shows of ours were cancelled and we are waiting to see what's next next and how we can restart.