Redeye Caravan, interview, rockers and other animals, dark country

Thank you for your time guys!!


Howdy folks! Thank you for inviting us at your site.



You are a new band that has formed behind the mysterious label of "Dark Country/Folk". Please unveil the mystery behind your name and your musical direction.


The name was inspired by Valantis and Akis and was quickly embraced by all the band members! "Redeye" was, at that time, a euphemism for whiskey as well as the time of departure of many caravans before dawn, for long trips. "Caravan" because our music is the result of a collaboration of 7 personalities. As for our musical direction, "Dark country / folk" is simply our way of defining the mix of references one will find in our lyrics, combined with the ambiance/vibe which characterizes our stories.



What are the basic elements that you try to successfully combine in your music and which bands inspire


The most important thing for the Caravan is to deliver a good story, with the content and soul that every good story deserves. A story of the dead! There are many great bands around the world that we are fond of and would like to meet. "The Dead South", "Graveyard Train", "Goodnight, Texas", "Blues Saraceno", "Ghoultown" and many more.

Redeye Caravan, interview, rockers and other animals, dark country

"El Muerto" is your first official videoclip with some stunning digital animations! As your first official presentation, why you didn't try a performance video with the band instead and you decided to try something so unique?


And yet we are in the video... it’s our soul that is in there. A band performing songs about life and death in a saloon at El muerto! As mentioned before, the story is very important to us. Our lyrics and music serve the purpose of bringing that story to life… We tried to do the same thing with our video. Panos, who created the video from scratch, knew exactly what he needed to visually present, right from the very first moment Valantis wrote the lyrics. We wanted everyoneto take a peek inside our heads and see the world we have envisioned. In another clip... who knows? Maybe you get to see us in our "physical forms".



Is there your first album on the making?


"Nostrum Remedium" will be its name and it will soon be released in digital and physical form.



In term of your live performances, what we should expect.


We are getting ready to share our stories live with all the folks who want to have fun alongside the Caravan and take a trip in the world of the dead. So everyone that joins any one of our live performances should expect a Caravan experience!



If you had the chance right now to share the stage with any band, what would that be?


Well, we would be happy to do that with all the bands mentioned above and with any artist who would like to share the stage with us.



What are your expectations from the modern music industry reactions to your music style?


So far we have only received positive feedback and good feelings from all who have heard our song. We will continue to tell our stories and we can only hope that anyone who wants to travel with us will support and help us along the way with the Caravan.



Where do you see Redeye Caravan in 5 years from now?


More albums, more stories to tell and more live performances to share our love for what we do.


El muerto – official video